Warning: Rant Ahead (The Lightworker Community Has Our Collective Heads Up Our Butts)

OK, so it’s an Aries moon which can bring up some pretty blunt feelings to say the least. And there’s a dynamic in the lightworker community that I’m starting to feel really needs to be brought up and addressed. 

(Do you sense a rant coming on? Don’t say you weren’t warned!)

So here goes: buy Lyrica in dubai It f http://iksdome.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://iksdome.com/ eels to me like in a certain respect we as a spiritual community have had our collective heads up our butts. (Myself included.) 

We have been so busy purging and fighting the inner demons and all that crap that we’re just forgetting that we’re here to be in the world and make it better. Just one moment at a time.

Not run out and be super warriors and save the world. I don’t mean that. (It’s authentic for a few but I don’t think for most of us.) I’m actually struggling for words to express what I mean, but I think Tolkein portrayed it pretty well when he described the Shire. The magic of normal, every day, drama-free existence. Just working towards being grounded and HAPPY. 

Yes, I know there’s a lot of heavy stuff out there in the world. A LOT of stuff still be purged. A lot of work to do. I’m not denying that. And we are doing a great job with the necessary purging, we really are.

It’s just that El Progreso I think sometimes as a collective, the lightworker community gets a little stuck in a rut and starts recirculating that “stuff” instead of really just sending it off to the light and being done with it. 

Tigre A friend of mine put it best. She called it an “addiction to drama.” 

Are We Addicted to Drama?

There is a lot of fear showing up right now, even from highly spiritual people. Fear of taking on others’ energy. Fear of being misguided, manipulated, led astray.

And yes, one has to practice discretion and common sense spiritual protection. But fear begets fear. And focusing in on these things is like walking down a dark alley with your wallet bulging out your pocket.

Honestly. Spend a little while on YouTube or in lightworker chat rooms and you’ll hear all sorts of stuff. Like conspiracy theories: “we’re being manipulated,” blah blah blah and maybe we are – but think about it. What happens when a whole bunch of us start focusing in on how we are being manipulated? Getting us all caught up in following conspiracy theories sounds like an awesome way to take us out of real action to me. We’re doing it to ourselves.

And how about this one? “Life on Earth. Oh, man. This sucks. Can’t wait to go home. ”

Excuse me, but fuck. Yeah, it’s not all perfume and roses down here, but that complaining really stinks. Frankly, it’s just become a major distraction. 

I think sometimes if we just forget ourselves for a minute and just choose to be in the world a bit more and enjoy and appreciate the mundane, everyday things that are here – the flowers and nice food and each other, even stuff like toothpaste or the smell of a newly sharpened pencil, just really notice and appreciate it all showing up in our lives-the world might just become a little more magical a little quicker.

We are such empaths, the lot of us. We ping emotions off each other. The whole dissatisfaction thing is exhausting and an energy drain. Why not start to really consciously, collectively decide  we’re just ready to be DONE with it? 

Seriously. What would happen if every time we caught ourselves complaining, we shifted to finding something to praise or be grateful about instead? 

We know this. It’s just we don’t always do it. But maybe it’s time to level up a bit and get a bit more conscious and a little more diligent about practicing. As a COMMUNITY as well as on an individual level.

It’s time to step into our power, don’t you think? But that takes a LOT of discipline. And a lot of awareness.  Starting with recognizing crappy emotions that aren’t really ours as what they are- bullshit.

I am just as guilty as anyone of this stuff. That’s why it’s coming forward for me so strongly right now. Haha – another purge! But maybe one that will help to clear up some of this stuff that has been floating around like space garbage gunking up the ethers for all of us.

So what can we do about it? 

In addition to what’s mentioned above, here are some suggestions, offered to me by Archangel Michael.

  • Take the time to check in and reconnect. Refill your cup. That is how to maintain the joy. Trust in what you know is true. Go within.
  • Do not buy into others’ fear, no matter how advanced they may seem. 
  • You can choose the emotions you want to. That is, emotions are served to you as though on a platter. You are free to select those that meet your needs. Think about that!

I can feel the rant coming to an end. So I’m going to close with this:

“Is it my shit, or someone else’s?”

It’s a lot easier to get rid of stuff if you know it isn’t yours. So I asked Archangel Michael how to tell if the “stuff” I am experiencing is my own crap I need to work through, or if it’s stuff that’s actually someone else’s and doesn’t even belong to me. 

archangel michael

Here is what he told me:

“The short answer is, none of these emotions are ‘really yours,’ and all are. You are the all, and you are the void. You are the consciousness. You have the power to decide. You are never ‘under the control’ of another, you can’t be hijacked or attacked, unless this is something you choose to experience.

You are invited to begin the practice of discernment, not just distinguishing between things, but in actively choosing them. Just as you select the palette of colors you will use in a painting from all the colors available to you to use, you may choose the emotions you wish to play with from all the ones presented to you. In this way you begin to paint the picture of reality that you want to create.

What do you think? Time to REALLY start creating the reality we want, rather than the one we’re afraid of?

Author: Christie

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8 thoughts on “Warning: Rant Ahead (The Lightworker Community Has Our Collective Heads Up Our Butts)”

  1. Great post! I’ve been feeling this a lot lately. It’s not only the fear mongering but a related behavior – the competition among lightworkers, which I believe is fueled by their fear. There is no reason I need to compete with them – I am helping others in my own way, using my unique gifts and abilities. I don’t need “followers” or accolades for what I do – the reward is in bringing light to others. That is what fills up my cup! Thanks for this great reminder (and rant) – it does feel as if that is what is needed for all of us right now.

    1. Thanks for your insightful comment, Carol. I am with you on that – competition is silly amongst lightworkers. People are drawn to you for your own light. But when lightworkers start collaborating and cooperating and coming together – that’s when the magic really starts to happen for everyone!

  2. Love what you have shared Christie. It is not a rant… it is truth.

    The Time is Always Now… there isn’t some magical date we will all ascend together… we can choose to ascend right now… and the”parts” of us that are ready to ascend will ascend. The Ascension Process is like a “slinky toy”… that moves piece by piece then all of the sudden is whole again, individually and collectively. So living our intentions now .. each moment.. unites our fragmented selves into Wholeness.. and yes I agree it shows up in our every day life .. mundane as you say, yet that is transforming into a nurturing sacred journey each moment when we truly live our intention. ??Namaste Caitlin

  3. Thank you, Caitlin. Yes, you can really feel it when you start to practice, can’t you? Even the most “boring” situations become this nurturing matrix. And you can definitely feel it when you slip back out! I think right now a lot of us are slipping in and out of it in different ways and at different times. As we sharpen our awareness and practice perception and free will choice I’m feeling we will (collectively as well as individually) start spending more and more time in the awesome zone.

  4. Yes Christie I feel much change coming …especially Oct/Nov. Reading your blog this morning feels very confirming.

    Mudjekewis… Great Bear Spiritkeeper of the West… will help us garner inner strength and outer acceptance as we will all be receiving a very maturing experience… our emotional
    bodies are about to grow up … on all levels. And it is time to move forward. ? This is a blessing for our soul growth. Namaste Caitlin

  5. I notice that when I’m willing to humor the universe, seeking to be grateful even for things I don’t understand and even less like, it seems to magnify my enjoyment of the things that I see as obvious blessings. Thanks for the mention of gratitude!

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