Tick bite? Maybe it’s time to set some limits. (Tick spirit animal meaning)

Kind of like putting on tick repellent. Slather on, watch the bloodsuckers drop away.
(Got my first tick bite of the year yesterday, can you tell?) 🙂

Tick Power Animal Guidance

buy Pregabalin online next day delivery Much as no one likes the critters, ticks do have this important spiritual lesson to teach: Some people, some energies, just call for boundaries. Strong ones. 

And, they call for awareness. Constant awareness. Even more than the overtly dangerous ones.

Because they don’t look threatening, on the surface. They can look anything but. Bloodsuckers may appear on the scene looking little and helpless, attractive and friendly, like capable leaders, or just plain unremarkable.

But they have this nasty habit of creeping quietly up your shirt or into your hair without you even realizing it – until suddenly you realize how deeply they’ve drilled their energy-draining selves in under your skin…

…or your bank account, or even your pants. (Or your psyche, or your soul.)

Some people don’t like to hear about things like this, or think about them.

I don’t either. And I sure don’t advocate dwelling on them. That will only draw them to you.

But, it’s a REALLY good idea to acknowledge they are there. And to be proactive about keeping them out.

buy Pregabalin uk next day delivery So here’s the takeaway from Tick totem today: Take your boundary setting and spiritual protection seriously, folks. (Not as a reason to worry, but so you won’t have to.) 🙂
http://sazutech.com/product/205775 P.S. Sometimes the boundaries you have to set are within yourself. 
Those inner bloodsuckers can be the hardest to identify, bring to light, and smash to smithereens.  And be warned: Once you do attain that kind of clarity, it can require making some hard choices should you decide to take action on it.
But once you do, oh, boy, that’s when life starts to rock!
(I had no idea yesterday’s tick had embedded itself into my shoulder until someone else pointed it out. If you’ve been feeling drained in any way lately, like you can’t seem to get traction in your business or your life purpose, maybe it’s time for a spiritual “tick check.” Request a spiritual clarity  session here.)

Author: Christie

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4 thoughts on “Tick bite? Maybe it’s time to set some limits. (Tick spirit animal meaning)”

  1. Thanks, Christie. I have a co-worker who was tested last week for Lyme disease. The test proved negative. He is a father and a researcher with admin responsibilities here. He works long hours and takes on a lot of responsibility at work and at home. The message about boundaries is relevant to him even tho the test proved negative. It was a close call or a wake-up call for him in a way. Important to be vigilant. I’ll see what I can share, or perhaps ask what i can share. Perhaps I’ll just pray for his protection and leave it at that. thank you.

    1. Blessings to your colleague and his family! Glad the test turned out negative. Lyme disease is definitely not a good trip. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I work for a veterinarian, so I have always considered dealing with ticks to just be part of the job, and an “occupational hazard.” Whenever we get a pet that is infested with ticks, it can take weeks or even months of spraying to get rid of all of those suckers, so on occasion, I may end up inadvertently taking a few hitchhikers home. Of course, as soon as I discover them, they die. I have dogs, and cannot afford to risk an infestation at home.

    Over the past week, however, I have discovered just -one- tick somewhere on me almost every day, despite aggressive spraying. No one else has mentioned finding ticks. I learned years ago that whenever an animal appears in my dreams or in my life, I need to look into the lesson that animal teaches, so here I am. Usually once I get the message, the animal will stop basically hounding/harassing me. Lol

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