Medicine Bears

medicine bears poster
Medicine Bears poster

del dating de manresa Just have to share some artwork I did for my friend Rocky King (Creator’s Helper). Rocky is an Oneida healer of the Bear clan (in case you haven’t guessed). Rocky is a sweet soul and what I really appreciate about him is his integrity. If you ever get the chance to experience what he does DO IT! He’s got Bear medicine big time. (You will hear and feel the Bear!)

Rocky also does distance healing. “The person would have to send me something that they wear,like jewelry or clothes,” he says. “Those things have their entity on it Also a letter from them stating all their aches and pain and misfortune.So I set up my alter with my bear fetishes and other medicines such as sage and smudge those things down and pray on it for 3-4 days Then I send it back for them to wear. They’ll get good energy from it and whatever else papa does for them!”

I’ll have this piece available as a poster within a few days. 10% of gross profits will go to support Rocky in his healing work. You can order your Medicine Bear poster here.


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