2 minute Mother Earth meditation for Love and grounding

Happy All Soul’s Day!

Finding and living our Purpose, learning to bring Heaven to Earth – this is the journey of the soul.

Zira Doing this requires us to start connecting and grounding our mental, spiritual, and emotional selves into the body. It’s that connection that lets us actually start manifesting beautiful things into physical reality.

And perhaps the most powerful connecting force in the Universe is Love.

Peraía There’s a simple formula for manifesting: 

  • Start with a mental concept, idea, or image. Something you want to have happen, or come into your life.
  • Then, attach a positive emotion to that idea. The stronger the emotion, the more powerful its effect.
  • Finally, get your body to start vibrating at the frequency of that emotion. You WILL start to see shifts in your life if you do this.

Chichén-Itzá I just posted a quick Mother Earth-inspired meditation on YouTube that uses this formula. This technique trains the body and mind to work together in harmony, helping to integrate all these parts of our being in a high vibration of Love.

The video is short enough that you can easily learn how to do it on your next 15 minute coffee break (and still have time to hit the bathroom.)

After that, practicing this easy technique just 2-5 minutes every day for a week or two can help you  buy provigil from uk embody Love, feel more grounded, and empower you to make positive changes that bring greater life, love, and happiness into your life. 

Watch here:


P.S. The painting above, Sacred Union, is part of my Gift of Gabriel series, and carries a LOT of Love energy. I’m working on a new website for my art, but until then if you are interested in ordering prints of this or any other piece, just email me directly for pricing and size options. 🙂 

Root Chakra Power Animal Meditation Painting: Badger & Snake

Another new painting in the Chakra Power Animal series:

Root chakra meditation painting

This Root Chakra Meditation Painting is next in the Power Animal Chakra Meditation Series after my Bee Power Center painting. (No, I’m not doing them in order.) It’s intended to help balance and open up your root chakra. Root chakra issues include anxiety, fear, & lack of confidence; feeling ungrounded, spacey or disconnected; and feeling insecure in your wealth/prosperity space.

The root, in its position at the base of the body, supports all the other chakras. When they are all in balance, there is a direct open line of energy from your Root all the way up to your Crown chakra (connection to the Divine) and even further, to your Higher Self. So you can see how important it is to nurture your root!

This connection is symbolized in this painting by the snake’s reaching upwards and by the white stripe running from the tip of the badger’s nose all the way down his back to his tail. Both animals hug the ground and are wonderful carriers of Root/Grounding energy. Badger especially is very secure and confident in his being. If you are unsure of yourself, it is good medicine to imagine yourself as a Badger!

Badger is also a good totem for those who live a nomadic life or who have moved a lot. Badgers keep many burrows, and unless they are raising a litter they typically spend only a night or two in any one before moving on to the next. Moving can be very ungrounding, so look to Badger to learn how to stay in your grounded space no matter where life takes you.

You might try using this image as a meditation aid along with African or Native American drumming or drum music. Imagine yourself sending your roots deep into the ground, and drawing the nourishing energy of Mother Earth back up through them. Lift your arms and let that energy flow up and through your fingertips and the crown of your head. THen imagine it falling again as rain, seeping back into the earth for you to soak up some more. Doesn’t that feel grounding and refreshing?

(Be sure to nosh on something red afterwards – beet chips or pomegranate juice would be perfect!) 🙂

What have you done to ground yourself today?

Did you enjoy this post? Anne