Punctuation changes everything…

http://tradecontadores.com.br/28338-dte94323-speed-dating-at-the-woodlands-in-woodbury-ny.html Negaunee and Ishpeming are two towns in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They are about 3 miles apart, separated largely by woods. In the winter, you can ski between them on a section of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail.

http://www.patrycjasiwiec.com/3817-dte14533-how-to-email-online-dating-tips.html If you do, and if you look for it, as you approach Ishpeming you will see a handmade sign that someone posted next to the trail:

"god, sin, you" poster

“Holy crap!” I exclaimed the first time I saw this sign. “I think they are in need of an editor!”

Fortunately, I’ve done some editing in my day. As it turned out, all it really needed was a little help with the spacing and punctuation:

"God's in you" posterThank goodness for Photoshop! 😉