Deer Spirit Meaning and Finding Your Purpose

Deer painting in watercolor

Deer has been coming forward for me a lot lately so I thought I’d share a bit about the spirit meaning of this magnificent animal. Perhaps it will speak to you, too!

Like all animal guides, Deer has multiple meanings and I could go on for pages about it. For now, though, let’s explore Deer spirit meaning as it relates to soul’s purpose.

Connecting head and heart

is it dangerous to buy clomid online This animal relates very strongly to two chakras in particular: Heart and Crown. Gentleness, innocence, nurturing, giving of oneself, and Love are some of the symbolic meanings of Deer in many traditions. All of these resonate very strongly with heart energy. And the antlers of the male deer symbolize the crown’s connection with Spirit. While pursuit of purpose involves all the chakras, this connection of heart and crown is especially significant. visit the website Deer can therefore be a powerful guide in the process of seeking one’s purpose.

It’s interesting to note that in English, another word for “stag” is “hart,” don’t you think? There are many examples in folklore of a hunter or prince being led deep into the dark forest by a mysterious stag, becoming lost and embarking upon a great adventure that eventually leads to love, wealth and happiness.

And that is what often happens when we begin to follow our h(e)art’s purpose.

Often we feel alone in the wilderness, at least at first. And we face many challenges and even demons and monsters along the way. Every hero of story and myth experiences their dark night of the soul, and it can truly be a place of woe and despair. 3 whitetail deer illustration

over at this website So as innocent as the Deer animal guide may appear to be (and innocence is indeed one of its symbolic meanings), taking it on as a totem is not for the faint of heart.

But there is immense wisdom to be found in myth. Inevitably, our hero meets up with helpers and guides along the way, and is given tools and wisdom to vanquish the forces of the dark and accomplish his task (the first step of which is often to realize that he has a task in the first place, and to find out where and what he needs to do!)

Letting go of attachments

On another note, purification is another huge symbolic meaning of Deer totem. And in fact, a large part of finding and pursuing Purpose often entails letting go of that which does not support it.

Here we want to take a close look at one of the shadow aspects of Deer: jealousy.

Male deer can be extremely jealous, which if you think about it makes sense, since during rutting season it’s a buck deer’s goal to gather together a harem of does and to mate with as many of them as possible. If he is successful at this, of course, his genes get to rule the next generation. But he has to not only fight with powerful rivals, but also guard against rogue bucks who will sneak into his harem and mate with the does while his back is turned.

So like nearly all shadow energies this one is here for a reason. When jealousy shows up in human relationships the underlying reason is typically fear of loss.

I’m not talking just love relationships here. I’m talking about any kind of attachment energy, where you cling to and/or defend a person or behavior or idea of how something should be. And what happens is that we fixate on that thing, we keep giving our energy to that instead of focusing on our connection with Light.

So one thing to consider if Deer keeps showing up for you, especially if you are experiencing some sort of dark night of the soul, or relationship issue, is what fixations might be present in your consciousness? Are you relating to the person as he or she really is, or some sort of projected belief about that person? Are you focusing on what you really want in your heart, or on what some part of you thinks you should want? Are you clinging to things that no longer serve you? Recognizing and releasing these fixations and attachments will help free you to get back on the path you seek.

Watch my new video for more about the spiritual symbolism of Deer

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Deer spirit meaning. If you’d like to hear more Deer spirit wisdom (including Deer’s connection with Christ energy), check out my newest animal spirit video here:

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Seeking your Spirit Animal? Use the 3 “I’s!”

Many people are curious about finding their spirit animal totem or guide. But for many of us, it’s hard to know where to start. After all, it’s not something most of us are taught to do in school.

Like I’ve said in other posts, one could write an entire book on this topic. But today I thought I’d briefly introduce you to three important instruments (all, coincidentally, starting with the letter “I”) you can use to intuit your animal guide.

And good news: they won’t cost you a thing! Here they are:

1. Intention

Just setting the intention in your mind that you will open the doors to allowing your power animal to make its way to you is a powerful first step to finding your animal guide. (Notice how I phrase this – don’t think of finding your spirit animal as a hunt. Rather, it’s an invitation – another wonderful word that begins with “I”!)

2. Intuition

Think too hard, and it will elude you. Or, you’ll come up with an animal that your mind (ego) thinks is appropriate. If all you care about is a tattoo that will impress your friends, go right ahead. Otherwise, let go of thoughts and trust your intuition instead.

How do you know it’s intuition? It’s what comes to you when your conscious mind is off guard. When you’re daydreaming or thinking of nothing in particular. When you’re focused on something else. When it comes to you in dreams. Or those sudden flashes of insight, inspiration, or impulses from out of the blue. (Wow, those “I” words just won’t quit, will they?)

3. Imagination

Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? If you did, what did the adults in your life say about it? Chances are, they told you that it was all in your imagination. That is wasn’t REAL. And maybe even to shut up and stop telling LIES.

Well, if that is what you experienced, then it’s time to pull out one more fantastic “I” word: IGNORE. Sure, your childhood imaginary friend, as well as totem spirits and all sorts of spiritual phenomena aren’t on the same plane of reality as your iPhone, but that doesn’t make them any less REAL. Your Imagination is your ticket to ride when it comes to finding your spirit animals, and to exploring your Inner life in general. (As long as it’s driven by your Intuition, not your ego.)

Used together, the three “I’s” are a powerful trio that can help you discover your personal totem animal, as well as many other spirit guides. Value them, and cultivate them!

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If you did, you will enjoy my newsletter, too. I share positive affirmations, uplifting artwork, and spiritual insights for awakening souls. You will also get a free guided meditation to help you meet your Spirit Animal! Just go to the "Cool Stuff" tab in the menu up top and click on "Newsletter" to subscribe.