Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Card Deck

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Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Cards

http://crossfitraze.com/coaches/ Spirit animals are amazing allies and guides capable of providing profound insight to help you move forward with your life, relationships, or business.

Spirit Animal Oracle Card DeckMy Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Cards will help you access Spirit Animal wisdom for yourself and others. Each beautifully illustrated card features an animal along with its spiritual meaning – including the shadow side, which is often overlooked.

This deck contains 44 cards: 42 animal cards plus two blank ones you can fill in with any personal spirit animal not present in the deck. The accompanying guidebook provides additional information about the animals and suggestions for how to use the cards.

You can purchase your Animal Awareness Oracle deck, and/or view images of all the cards, here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/spirit-animal-awareness-oracle-cards

For inquiries about wholesale distribution, contact me here.