Medicine Bears

free adult chat and dating Just have to share some artwork I did for my friend Rocky King (Creator’s Helper). Rocky is an Oneida healer of the Bear clan (in case you haven’t guessed). Rocky is a sweet soul and what I really appreciate about him is his integrity. If you ever get the chance to experience what he does DO IT! He’s … Continue reading “Medicine Bears”

Mama bear and cubs

ma soeur est une cochonne Black bears come in many different colors, from black to all shades of brown, even creamy white. Non-albino white black bears are found almost exclusively in British Columbia and are also known as “Spirit Bears.” In Native American legend, the white color of these bears is said to be a reminder of past ice ages. The white bears are also said to stand for harmony and peace.

Animal Totem Art Reading: Bear Goddess

The bear is a powerful animal, and carries powerful symbolism as well. They have a reputation for being unpredictable. People with bear energy may be a bit (or a lot) eccentric, and may have diverse interests. The latter is reflected as well by the bear’s diet. Bears are omnivores and will eat nearly anything. They are equally willing to forage, scavenge or hunt, depending on the situation. Keeping a positive, resourceful attitude and taking what life offers is a wonderful lesson Bear can bring.

What the Bear brings…

This one was done on impulse.  I had pulled out a bunch of scraps of watercolor paper, many of which had been used to demonstrate washes, etc.  This one was covered with a decidedly pink wash and adorned with a value scale along the right hand side.  Probably I should have tossed it, but as … Continue reading “What the Bear brings…”