Animal totem art reading: Fox and Spider

This is another art reading I did for a fellow writer. Interpretation below (edited to protect her privacy)!

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This is another art reading I did for a fellow writer. Interpretation below (edited to protect her privacy)!

Fox totem animal reading

This little fellow took a LONG time to decide to show himself. Foxes are considered tricksters in many traditions, but I think that comes from their intelligence and ability to disappear into their environment in the blink of an eye. Not being noticed can sometimes be an advantage, and foxes are able to choose to be highly visible or invisible as the occasion calls for. In your own life, you can use this to your advantage as well. Sometimes it pays to watch from the shadows, or “shapeshift” – blending into your surroundings or into whatever society you are in at the time.

Fox  & Spider animal totem reading
This is the drawing I did during the original reading.

This fox is at home in its den. Home is very important to foxes. Once they leave the nest, young foxes will wander – sometimes for hundreds of miles – until they find a territory of their own. Then they stay in that home range for the rest of their lives, raising their young underground in dens. It may be important for you to make your home a place of refuge, and be sure you are allowing yourself time and space to relax there.

Finally, foxes are more or less nocturnal. As a creature of the night they are associated in many traditions with feminine energy. Don’t doubt your creative power and ability – nurture and protect your creative impulses until they’re ready to bring out into the world.

Like I said, it took a very long time for this fox to decide it was safe show up here. If you are dealing with trust issues at all (whether your own or someone else’s), you may need to cultivate patience and quietude. Practices that help you do this, such as meditation, yoga, or just walking in nature, can help.

There are a couple of other animal totems in this image. The deer showed up in the beginning, and stuck around long enough for me to include her shadow on the rock wall, but then took off again. Deer have some of the same ability to quietly disappear and camouflage themselves as foxes, so I think her presence may just underscore this quality.

The spider hung out long enough to be significant (although I kept feeling that there was something more, and eventually the fox showed up). A lot of people are afraid of spiders, but I don’t get a negative feeling from this one. The spider’s web is both exquisitely beautiful and practical. I think it’s a reminder of your constructive power to support yourself and weave beauty into your life in the process.

One final note – foxes are the most feline of the dog family. If you have a dog or a cat at home, watch them and learn from them – they will teach you important lessons about how to live your life!

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Dark Energy

Pleiades Woman
Whether a painting is psychically “dark” or “light” doesn’t always have to do with shade or hue. It’s more about the way the energy flows – upwards or downwards – and how it affects your own psychic energy.

Recently I went to see the movie “Interstellar” with extended family.

I hated it. In fact, I came awfully close to walking out.

It wasn’t because of the gaping plot holes or the limited character development. Or even because the characters were hard to care about (at least I found them so).

The movie actually did contain quite a few redeeming features. The acting itself wasn’t half bad, and the special effects were pretty decent. And the film did at least attempt to carry an inspiring message.

So why did I object so strongly to viewing it?

In a word, energy.

In my experience, every piece of art – including music, film, and visual art, will affect your psychic energy in one of three ways: it can bring it up, it can pull it down, or it can remain neutral.

For me, the experience of watching “Interstellar” amounted to nearly three hours of wading through a relentless morass of hopelessness, tension, and anxiety, underscored by an emotionally harrowing soundtrack played at a volume that frequently exceeded the pain barrier.

By the time I walked out of the theater, I felt like I had been dipped in psychic lead. In fact, the pall didn’t lift until this morning when I went out for a 6 mile cross country ski with my teenage son and my dog.

Now, I suspect I’m more sensitive than most, so maybe these things bother me more than they do most people. But the frustrating thing to me is not the temporary discomfort I felt while in the theater. It’s the fact that this movie is now a permanent part of my consciousness.

Think about that.

Our experiences shape who we are. Even virtual experiences.

Every violent moment you have ever witnessed on film. Every sinister image you have ever viewed. Every harrowing, stress-inducing melody. They’re all there, inside your mind.

Even if you’re no longer aware of them, they become a part of you, whether you want them to be or not. They sink, quickly or slowly, from your awareness only to crop up again at any moment, woven into fragments of dreams, splintering into your thoughts as a byproduct of coincidental or synchonistic happenstance, or more subtly, nudging into your subconscious from the misty depths of unawareness.

Fortunately, the same is true of positive experiences. Your mother’s hug. The sudden heart-lifting flash of a bluebird on the wing. A painting by Monet. The smell of damp earth and unfolding blossoms in the spring.

These things, too, once experienced, are with you forever.

And they color your world, your beliefs, your actions.

Now I’m not saying we should avoid all dark* imagery. Darkness is simply the other side of light. To deny or defy darkness is dangerous folly.

For instance, what kind of favor would I be doing my teenage daughter if I shielded her from the reality of homicide, rape, and predatory people?

Too, it is often impossible to realize new heights without first experiencing – or even embracing – the depths of darkness.

The challenge is, to keep it balanced.

And by balanced, I don’t mean equal parts negative and positive energy. Unless you enjoy stagnation.

To maintain a positive presence and realize positive growth in your life, it’s best to tip the balance of what you experience in life towards the positive.

My personal feeling is, that you don’t have to do anything special to obtain your recommended daily allowance of negative energy. It tends to bounce around pretty abundantly. In fact, I hate to say it but in our modern society we seem to be weighting our exposure in the opposite direction – more negative than positive!

Which brings me back to my experience in the movie theater. When you find yourself, as I did, overloaded with darkness and negative impressions, it’s important to seek out a bit (or a lot) of positive energy to counteract it. Getting out in the fresh air in nature with loved ones did it for me.

What helps get your energy flowing in a positive direction?

*By dark, I mean psychically or emotionally negative. For instance, a literally dark image – like my Pleiades Woman on this page – can actually feel uplifting or positive. And the opposite is also true. 

Root Chakra Power Animal Meditation Painting: Badger & Snake

Another new painting in the Chakra Power Animal series:

Root chakra meditation painting

This Root Chakra Meditation Painting is next in the Power Animal Chakra Meditation Series after my Bee Power Center painting. (No, I’m not doing them in order.) It’s intended to help balance and open up your root chakra. Root chakra issues include anxiety, fear, & lack of confidence; feeling ungrounded, spacey or disconnected; and feeling insecure in your wealth/prosperity space.

The root, in its position at the base of the body, supports all the other chakras. When they are all in balance, there is a direct open line of energy from your Root all the way up to your Crown chakra (connection to the Divine) and even further, to your Higher Self. So you can see how important it is to nurture your root!

This connection is symbolized in this painting by the snake’s reaching upwards and by the white stripe running from the tip of the badger’s nose all the way down his back to his tail. Both animals hug the ground and are wonderful carriers of Root/Grounding energy. Badger especially is very secure and confident in his being. If you are unsure of yourself, it is good medicine to imagine yourself as a Badger!

Badger is also a good totem for those who live a nomadic life or who have moved a lot. Badgers keep many burrows, and unless they are raising a litter they typically spend only a night or two in any one before moving on to the next. Moving can be very ungrounding, so look to Badger to learn how to stay in your grounded space no matter where life takes you.

You might try using this image as a meditation aid along with African or Native American drumming or drum music. Imagine yourself sending your roots deep into the ground, and drawing the nourishing energy of Mother Earth back up through them. Lift your arms and let that energy flow up and through your fingertips and the crown of your head. THen imagine it falling again as rain, seeping back into the earth for you to soak up some more. Doesn’t that feel grounding and refreshing?

(Be sure to nosh on something red afterwards – beet chips or pomegranate juice would be perfect!) 🙂

What have you done to ground yourself today?

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Bee in your Heart (Chakra Meditation)

New painting…

Bee Heart Honeycomb Because our  new hound dog, Melvin, has not come howling up with a stinger in his nose, I am guessing that my recent bee visitor is gone for good.  However, she did bring an invigorating infusion of Bee energy into the studio. It’s quite the buzz!

I’ve been playing with the idea of the Bee as symbol for the Power Center, or solar plexus chakra, and have been wanting to get it down as a painting. Today seemed like the day to do it.

So I grabbed a little watercolor board and got to work. (This painting is quite small – just 4″x4″. It seemed about right for a bee.)

The Power Center grooves on yellow and gold – fitting, because gold also represents money, power in its abstract. This is probably why so many spiritually conscious people have issues with their Power Center. It’s easy to look at the way power is abused in the world and not want a thing to do with it.

But really, that’s kind of a backwards way to look at it. Amersham Abuse of power – whether you are the abuser or the abused – is simply a symptom of imbalance of personal power. NOT claiming your true inner power will not fix it.

Of course, money is optional where true power is concerned. It’s just one way in which power expresses itself. It also happens to be extremely convenient, so why not be open to manifesting it when appropriate? Being well funded can certainly help you live your dreams.

Which, if your Power Center is well-balanced, shouldn’t lead to abuse. And, if your heart is in the right place, it will likely bring good fortune to others as well.

Speaking of hearts…

Somewhere in the middle of painting this piece I began to feel something else was needed. The bee was taking form nicely atop the cells of golden honeycomb, but it just seemed…ungrounded. It seemed like it needed something to tie it together.

Perhaps an oval shape framing the bee? No, that wasn’t quite it. Then I held my hands in a heart shape over the bee. Ahhh. That felt right. And a bit of pinky purple was just right to balance out all that yellow.

Once the heart was in place the meaning was clear… True power is centered in the heart!


For more information about Bee in your Heart, click here.

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