January 2019 Wolf Moon Eclipse Spirit Animal Reading

Get More Information The January Full Moon is traditionally known as the Wolf Moon, so I decided to do something fun and different. This week’s video reading  is an art reading featuring Wolf. As I paint the moon and wolf, I share the messages that this powerful and beautiful spirit animal wants to bring forward at this time. If … Continue reading “January 2019 Wolf Moon Eclipse Spirit Animal Reading”

Is Wolf your Power Animal?

look at more info I’ve been working on a series of Power Animal paintings in preparation for showing at the Hiawatha Music Festival Artists in the Round art & craft show next month in Marquette, MI. Thought I’d try another Wolf! Read on below for insight into Wolf as Power Animal. Wolves are one of those animals that humanity … Continue reading “Is Wolf your Power Animal?”

Wolf Howl – digital illustration

Photoshop is getting a little easier. It helped to sit my 12-year-old daughter Clara down in front of it. “What does this tool do?” “Uh, I don’t know.” “Why not? Oh, that’s cool.  How about this tool? What does that do?” “Um, never tried that either.” “How come? Oh, awesome, check this out…” It was … Continue reading “Wolf Howl – digital illustration”

Wolf painting (digital image)

I’ve painted this wolf in watercolor (based on a pencil sketch from a couple of years ago), so thought I’d give it a try in Photoshop. It came out kind of looking like a piece done in oil pastels.  I do really enjoy the fact that overworking an area doesn’t mean I’m stuck with it! … Continue reading “Wolf painting (digital image)”