Fall cleaning (Vulture spirit meaning)

benigànim paginas conocer gente Somebody handed me a feather the other day. A very long, dark brown flight feather. Neither of us knew what sort of bird had dropped it. But I took it home and looked it up on the Feather Atlas (one of the better things our taxpayer dollars have been spent on.) Turns out it is … Continue reading “Fall cleaning (Vulture spirit meaning)”

The Vulture: Symbol of Resurrection

aller sur le site You might think it strange to claim the vulture as a favorite bird.  But I’ve always loved to watch them in flight, gracefully riding the updrafts.  Contrary to popular myth, they don’t hang around waiting for their prey to die, but feast only on ready-made carrion. While this may seem morbid (not to mention unappetizing), … Continue reading “The Vulture: Symbol of Resurrection”

November 2018 Full Moon Clairvoyant and Spirit Animal Reading

If I could sum up what 2018 has been for a lot of people, it would be The Year of the Big Purge. Can you relate? Then you’ll probably love this: to me it feels like today’s full moon right here is a turning point. But don’t kick away the purge bucket just yet. That … Continue reading “November 2018 Full Moon Clairvoyant and Spirit Animal Reading”

Got ascension symptoms? This solstice message is for you.

There is a LOT of energy flying about these days as Planet Earth undergoes a process of ascension. Many of us are ascending with her and this can flush up a TON of stuff. A LOT of people I know and work with have been experiencing “ascension symptoms” ranging from physical disturbances (acute illness, headaches, accidents, … Continue reading “Got ascension symptoms? This solstice message is for you.”

Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

Learn totem animal meanings, do animal guide readings or even find your spirit animal! If you are located in the U.S. or Canada, purchase here:  For international orders, please contact me for assistance.  Spirit animals are really fun, but they’re also incredibly powerful spiritual guides who offer amazing wisdom into how to survive and thrive in … Continue reading “Spirit Animal Oracle Cards”