Spider Totem: Spirit Animal Meaning of Spider

browse around here Spiders. They evoke our wondering admiration, and our horror, both. On the one hand, we have the miraculous, ethereal beauty of a spider web, like a garment woven for angels. On the other, a horrifying entity creeping into our nightmares, or emerging from the darkest imaginations of a Tolkien or a J.K. Rowling. Why do … Continue reading “Spider Totem: Spirit Animal Meaning of Spider”

Masculine and Feminine Energies in Spirit Animals

I love questions from readers. Here is one from Angie, about masculine and feminine energies in spirit animals: Hi Christie! I enjoyed reading about owl totem. Can you tell me if different species put out different energies or is it based on sex of the animal. For instance, I believe snakes are a feminine energy … Continue reading “Masculine and Feminine Energies in Spirit Animals”

Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

Learn totem animal meanings, do animal guide readings or even find your spirit animal! If you are located in the U.S. or Canada, purchase here:  For international orders, please contact me for assistance.  Spirit animals are really fun, but they’re also incredibly powerful spiritual guides who offer amazing wisdom into how to survive and thrive in … Continue reading “Spirit Animal Oracle Cards”

How to Tick Off the Trickster

Happy April Fools Day! Don’t worry. I’m not the trickster type. But many spirit animals are! The Trickster archetype pops up everywhere, from folk tales of the world to our own lives. Often shapeshifters, Trickster characters delight in breaking the rules, creating chaos and generally shaking things up. In many storytelling traditions, animals take on … Continue reading “How to Tick Off the Trickster”