Rabbit Totem: Spirit Meaning of Rabbit

Continu Despite its small size and apparent weakness, Rabbit can be an incredibly powerful spirit animal with an abundance of meanings. And, in fact, Abundance is one of them! Rabbit: Power Animal of Fertility, Abundance, and Creativity Rabbits, rabbits everywhere – that’s what it seems like in spring, anyway, when litters of young bunnies grow large … Continue reading “Rabbit Totem: Spirit Meaning of Rabbit”

Warrior Bunny

Yes, I know it’s a little early for Easter. But this little bunny came forward for me recently and just really insisted that she has something important to say today. When animals come into your life with that kind of presence, it pays to listen. I’ve found they always have an amazing message to convey. … Continue reading “Warrior Bunny”

How to Tick Off the Trickster

Happy April Fools Day! Don’t worry. I’m not the trickster type. But many spirit animals are! The Trickster archetype pops up everywhere, from folk tales of the world to our own lives. Often shapeshifters, Trickster characters delight in breaking the rules, creating chaos and generally shaking things up. In many storytelling traditions, animals take on … Continue reading “How to Tick Off the Trickster”

What does Ferret mean as a Spirit Animal?

People who receive my spirit animal readings are sometimes surprised at what animal comes up for them. It’s sometimes an animal they never would have thought of. No disrespect to spirit animal oracle cards (I’m working on creating a deck myself), but that’s the beauty of doing it on pure intuition. It can literally be … Continue reading “What does Ferret mean as a Spirit Animal?”