What is the Spirit Meaning of Horse?

https://www.mercasa-calpe.com/219027-dts17233-conocer-gente-en-gratis-huétor-santillán.html The Horse is a bit of a contradiction. Besides the Dog, no other animal has been more used (or abused) by humans. Yet Horse has always symbolized the free spirit and the wild frontier. Truthfully, Horse is both loyal and free-spirited.  If this power animal has entered your life it may point to a need … Continue reading “What is the Spirit Meaning of Horse?”

Second Chances (Dancing Horses)

http://www.homesap.fr/35841-dtf82916-je-contacte-cherche-femme.html Dug this out of the attic the other day. It wasn’t finished. I’d shoved it into a portfolio one day several years back after filling in just the background, the horses’ eyes and nostrils, and the mane and tail on one of the animals (can you guess which?) Three or four moves later, there it … Continue reading “Second Chances (Dancing Horses)”