Spirit Animal Reading for 9/14/2018: Hawk medicine for if you’re feeling stuck or challenged

http://radiovallekas.org/357871-dts70471-ferrol-web-de-citas.html This has been an interesting week. Seems like there’s a lot of intense energy swirling around the planet. Or maybe weird stuff going on in the stars. Or something! I’ve had a lot of people mention feeling emotional, vulnerable, etc. Personally I’ve been experiencing some sort of cleansing reaction and a recurrence of flu-like symptoms … Continue reading “Spirit Animal Reading for 9/14/2018: Hawk medicine for if you’re feeling stuck or challenged”

What is the spirit animal meaning of the Nighthawk?

sitios de citas en carballedo Nighthawk Animal Totem for Creative People In an international study conducted by Adobe, slightly over 50% of U.S. respondents, and 39% overall, considered themselves to be creative people. What’s more, the overwhelming majority viewed creativity as being valuable to society and a key driver of economic growth. However, when the same people were asked if … Continue reading “What is the spirit animal meaning of the Nighthawk?”

If Red Tailed Hawk is Your Spirit Animal…

Where I live in Upper Michigan, Red Tailed Hawks are a common sight. (They are probably the most common North American hawk, and can be sighted year-round throughout most of the continental U.S.) You usually see them either majestically circling on uplifts of air, or sitting in a tree or on a power line, apparently … Continue reading “If Red Tailed Hawk is Your Spirit Animal…”

Power Animals: What does Nighthawk symbolize?

Are you familiar with Nighthawks? If not, you probably have seen them flying overhead on summer evenings, but most likely mistook them for Bats. Nighthawks are not hawks at all but  night-flying, insect-eating birds related to the Whippoorwill. The Nighthawk is a wonderful power animal for many reasons, but today I’m just going to focus … Continue reading “Power Animals: What does Nighthawk symbolize?”

Rabbit Totem: Spirit Meaning of Rabbit

Despite its small size and apparent weakness, Rabbit can be an incredibly powerful spirit animal with an abundance of meanings. And, in fact, Abundance is one of them! Rabbit: Power Animal of Fertility, Abundance, and Creativity Rabbits, rabbits everywhere – that’s what it seems like in spring, anyway, when litters of young bunnies grow large … Continue reading “Rabbit Totem: Spirit Meaning of Rabbit”