How Melvin the Dog Got Unstuck

hop over to this website Meet Melvin. He’s our rescued Coonhound mix. We’ve had him for almost a year and a half now. Melvin is SUCH a sweetheart. In fact, we got him because he is actually able to get along with my other dog, Jasmine, who is not too fond of other dogs (to put it mildly.) But, he … Continue reading “How Melvin the Dog Got Unstuck”

What does it mean to dream of a rabid dog? Someone asked me recently: “I woke up this morning (in a dream) to a rabid dog at my door. I was able to shut the door and keep him out but it was terrifying. Any hits?” Here is what I told her: Dog is a real heart animal. Think unconditional love, loyalty, and selfless service. … Continue reading “What does it mean to dream of a rabid dog?”

The Importance of Dogs

You might be wondering if your pet can be a spirit guide. And is Fido really interested in helping you along on your spiritual journey – or does he just want a bite of your sandwich? The answer is yes, and yes! (Well, OK, and yes to the sandwich bit, too. Dogs are such positive, optimistic … Continue reading “The Importance of Dogs”

Gunner and Russ (child/dog portrait)

Just finished this child/pet double portrait commissioned by a lovely lady in Marquette MI. The little boy, Gunner, is her first grandchild, who loves the family dog, Russ, very much. (And the feeling is obviously mutual!) But what I loved was Gunner’s grandmother’s comment when I first emailed her the finished painting: “Oh my, the … Continue reading “Gunner and Russ (child/dog portrait)”