Butterfly Power Animal Meaning: Transformation & Spiritual Awakening

vérifier A few weeks back I offered to relay some insights into the spiritual meaning of Butterfly, and a bunch my followers said, “yes, please!” It took longer to put together than I had anticipated. But as it happens, the timing (I posted to YouTube just before the Winter Solstice) feels perfect. I have to admit, … Continue reading “Butterfly Power Animal Meaning: Transformation & Spiritual Awakening”

Butterfly Power (A Little Known Butterfly Spirit Meaning)

https://barrio-obrero.com/373925-dts78155-mataporquera-conocer-personas.html Just had to share something that came through the other day during the Spirit Animal class I just finished teaching. We were doing an exercise on shapeshifting and one of my students experienced herself as a butterfly. She found herself noticing that butterflies don’t see the way we do. A Little Known Spirit Meaning of … Continue reading “Butterfly Power (A Little Known Butterfly Spirit Meaning)”

April 2018 Full Moon Animal Card Reading

If you have been following my YouTube channel you’ll have noticed I’ve been experimenting with doing video readings from my spirit animal oracle card deck this month. The first couple were such fun I thought I’d keep going and do an animal card reading for this month’s full moon as well. I’m noticing some patterns … Continue reading “April 2018 Full Moon Animal Card Reading”

Join Wild Woman’s Wolf Pack founder Christie Michelsen for a free teleconference to help you set your vision for 2018! Butterfly as a power animal is all about Transformation – shedding old stuff that no longer serves us and taking flight into a new identity that takes us to new heights. It’s also about vision … Continue reading “”

Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

Learn totem animal meanings, do animal guide readings or even find your spirit animal! If you are located in the U.S. or Canada, purchase here:  For international orders, please contact me for assistance.  Spirit animals are really fun, but they’re also incredibly powerful spiritual guides who offer amazing wisdom into how to survive and thrive in … Continue reading “Spirit Animal Oracle Cards”