When All Seems Bleak…

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femara cost Snowfall. A world in white. Looks just like winter—but somehow it FEELS like spring. The robins agree: they are back, singing their hearts out in the snow.

buy nano calcium carbonate zantac do you need prescription Just as in spring the weather will sometimes revert to winter conditions, sometimes situations in life appear to be worse than they are. (This often happens during times of transition when you are making a shift towards something better.) The wise animal inside you knows the truth about where you are in your journey, and the appropriate actions to take.

tenovate gn cream price zenegra lido spray buy online Sometimes at times like these it’s better to consult the gut than the mind. What is really happening? Is this really a good time to hunker down and hibernate, or migrate elsewhere? (Maybe it is, maybe not.) Or would it feel better to rustle up some yummy worms, build your nest, or simply open your heart and sing?

viagra gold uk Myself, I’m hitting the ski trail today. That white stuff won’t last forever, after all!

Photo credit: Greg Reese

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Author: Christie

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