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15 thoughts on “What is the spirit animal meaning of the Nighthawk?”

  1. Very well-written and insightful! Thank you! I got up very early this week and saw a funny looking bird outside sitting on the sidewalk….just looking around for about 20 minutes. I went out on the porch and he/she just glanced over at me and seemed unafraid. Later, when I went out again to drive off, he/she was gone. Because the little bird was not afraid or hurt, I took it as a spiritual sign. As an author/writer, I am very mindful about what I put out there for my readers, and now I feel more inspired to keep writing meaningful books because of your article! Have a blessed day!

  2. Ohh this was such a great read!!! I live in the Tucson Mountains in picture rocks Az. I was swimming in my pool and the Nighthawk kept of swooping at my head circling me!!! I understand the bird was probably getting bugs but i didnt see any. So felt like he was trying to get my attention since he was five ft from my head.
    Im new to the area (new Jersey). so this a whole new experience.
    Perhaps he may be my spitit animal. the vulture is my wifes.
    Thank you for spending the time to put this together it ment the world to me

  3. This was an amazing read for me! I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately and recently heard this song called “King and Cross” by Ásgeir, and a lyric referencing “Nighthawk” stood out to me. I instantly downloaded the song and listened to it over and over again for about a week. After figuring out the lyrics, the song is very powerful and has given me inspiration to work harder, as well as an idea of why I am who I am, but the Nighthawk part still remained a bit of a mystery to me…I had to figure out why. Today I read your article above, and I’ve never felt more understood in my life. A fire has been lit. Thank you so very much for your insight!

  4. The best Nightjar treatise I’ve seen.

    Returning to my kneeling body from Spiritual Enlightenment, in the same area Carlos Castaneda set his Don Juan books, I found myself at the center of a circle of twelve Nightjars, sitting spaced like the hours of a clock dial, facing inwards towards me. Dusk was not far off, the air warm and still, my eyes wide in wonder at what had just taken place.
    No better welcome-home committee has ever been arrayed.

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  5. I wemt camping last week and a nighthawk was chirping at 3am turned out it was chirping to warn me of the 4 grizzly bears that were circling in on our camp site , each time he or she chirped the bear would kinda growl so i was able to know each grizzlies location , after i chased away the bears with gun shots and fire , the night hawk kinda dive bombed me to say hello , now i hear a nighthawk outside my house , my spirit animal ??

  6. I am so glad to have read this. I work with spirit and yesterday to my confusion stood at my back door in complete daylight were 2 Night Jars. I did not even know what they were. (Thanks to my Dad ) they were identified as Night Jars. They stood literally 2 inches from my door. Stood on and in my Dogs bed (just outside the door) walked around etc. They were totally confident and did not leave even when I went outside to give them water. They were with me for a good hour or so .I was a little worried of the message/ prediction but hope now further to reading your article that it was just spirit telling me to be a little grounded but open and keep trying to learn. I have photos of them if anyone wants to see them .
    If anyone has prediction other than what I have discussed I would love to hear from you xxx

  7. I had a dream last night in which a nighthawk looked directly at me and opened its mouth. Other people in the dream also saw the bird but didn’t know what it was, but I immediately knew — even though I have never seen one in real life! I hardly ever look up dream info or spirit animal info, but this one really stuck with me, so here I am. The description of being open to what happens in the “between” times, staying grounded while on the wing, and willingness to take action as well as receive are 100% applicable to my current path in life right now. Thank you for this clarity.

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