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4 thoughts on “Tick bite? Maybe it’s time to set some limits. (Tick spirit animal meaning)”

  1. Thanks, Christie. I have a co-worker who was tested last week for Lyme disease. The test proved negative. He is a father and a researcher with admin responsibilities here. He works long hours and takes on a lot of responsibility at work and at home. The message about boundaries is relevant to him even tho the test proved negative. It was a close call or a wake-up call for him in a way. Important to be vigilant. I’ll see what I can share, or perhaps ask what i can share. Perhaps I’ll just pray for his protection and leave it at that. thank you.

  2. I work for a veterinarian, so I have always considered dealing with ticks to just be part of the job, and an “occupational hazard.” Whenever we get a pet that is infested with ticks, it can take weeks or even months of spraying to get rid of all of those suckers, so on occasion, I may end up inadvertently taking a few hitchhikers home. Of course, as soon as I discover them, they die. I have dogs, and cannot afford to risk an infestation at home.

    Over the past week, however, I have discovered just -one- tick somewhere on me almost every day, despite aggressive spraying. No one else has mentioned finding ticks. I learned years ago that whenever an animal appears in my dreams or in my life, I need to look into the lesson that animal teaches, so here I am. Usually once I get the message, the animal will stop basically hounding/harassing me. Lol

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