“She thinks she’s the center of the Universe…”

wind woman illustrationMetaphysicists say, “the Universe is infinite.”

Scientists argue. Some say “yes,” some say “no.” Most say “I don’t know.”

Personally, I believe it is. Why? Because when you accept an infinite Universe as your reality, it can transform your life in powerful ways.

Let me explain.

An infinite Universe has no center. So every part is as important as every other part.

At the same time, it has infinitely many centers. (I love incongruity, don’t you?)

So naturally, it follows that you are the center of the Universe.

Let me repeat.

You ARE the center of the Universe.

Do you know what that means?

It means everything you do, say, and think matters. It matters a lot.

And it means, take care.

Because I, too, am the center of the Universe. So is your cat. (See, he knows what he’s talking about!) So is everyone around you.

The ants and worms under your feet? The apple you raise to your lips? The stone in your pocket? Each one, the center of the Universe.

When you touch something at its core, it affects the whole.

Thus, everything you do, every thought you think, affects everything and everyone around you, to the ends of space and time.

You are far more powerful than you ever imagined.

Is that a scary thought? It needn’t be.

Just remember, whatever you do, to do it with Love.

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