Red Pepper

cheap generic viagra Gotta do a still life once in a while…Red Pepper watercolor painting order now This is a little 4″x4″ mini painting done on a watercolor board. I have a whole bunch of blank ones in a box somewhere. It’s time to go to the grocery store, I think. Perhaps a pear next, or a pomegranate, perchance?

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The end of a creative winter…

Spring tulips, watercolor, 8.5x6" 2010

I believe every painting is a self-portrait to a certain extent.  The painter leaves not only pigment but the mark of his soul on paper or canvas.

If art is anything, it is footprints left on a journey.  By studying what painters and other artists leave behind, one can follow the moods and sensitivities not only of individuals, but of history itself.

Personally, spring could not have come at a more meaningful time for me.  Something is breaking loose in my soul and breaking a long winter’s hold on my spirit. The creative force is beginning to flow again.

Have you ever come out of a long creative winter?  What do you think caused it?   What helped you along the way?

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