Spirit Animal Reading for 9/10/18: Monday Morning Owl Medicine

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digoxin zero order kinetics Today’s spirit animal reading brought up Owl. A big part of Owl medicine has to do with stealth.

lariam tablets price If you’ve ever looked closely at an owl feather, you may have noticed the fringes at the edges, which is what gives Owl its somewhat soft, raggedy appearance compared to other birds.

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phexin syrup price Even the feather fibers themselves are a bit furry.

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colchicine germany This feather feature helps to break up the air as the owl flies, effectively muffling the sound and allowing it to fly silently through the dark night air.

xeloda price philippines So this stealth can manifest in our lives in both positive and negative ways.

buy clarinex-d In its negative form, it can look like sneakiness or manipulation. So today, be aware of the possibility of manipulation. This could look like someone trying to slip something past you, or sneakily trying to influence you (whether consciously or not.) Or, it might be your lower self exhibiting sneaky or manipulative tendencies.

cilostazol para que se usa But let’s not spend too much time there, because I’m feeling that today we want to focus on the positive use of stealth.

cialis in uk Think “cloak of invisibility,” or maybe the Underground Railroad. There are times when it can be really advantageous to simply keep quiet and slip around doing your business or moving through undetected.

differin gel uk Maybe you just want to get some work done without getting caught up in office drama, for instance. Owl medicine can help you lay low.

beclate 200 price How? Start by keeping your mouth shut! 😉 But also keeping in mind that strong emotions produce energy that can get you noticed, sometimes not in ways you want. So if you are feeling upset or frustrated or angry, take a little time to “soften those edges”, perhaps with a few deep breaths or a 5 minute yoga break.

ranitidine price A side benefit of keeping silence is that it opens up the opportunity to listen.

voveran sr 150 price Owls are great at listening – in fact they locate their prey with their ears (watch the video to find out how.) It’s amazing what useful bits of information you can pick up simply by keeping your ears tuned!

himplasia costa rica So to put it succinctly, that’s the message for today from Owl: shut up and listen!

exforge generic price Try it, and see where it takes you.

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