Out of practice receiving? Let’s change that!

love-1269038_1280We’ve all heard it: “It’s better to give than to receive.”

Ha. Tell that to your dog.

Dogs give and receive wholeheartedly, and without judgement.

They’re very good at it. And if you ask me, the average dog enjoys life far more than most of us two-leggeds.

The thing about giving and receiving is, it’s an energy flow. It’s got to be open on both ends.

But many of us get programmed (by ideas like the one above) that it’s not OK to receive.

Or that we’re somehow not deserving.

Nonsense, of course.

We’re all creatures of Nature, part of Divine Creation. We deserve to receive just like any other creature.

Not only that, but it’s important for us to receive love and good things. It empowers us to give in return. And thus ensure that the cycle of energy remains unbroken.

So with that in mind, here are 3 things you can do today to practice your Divine capacity to Receive:

1. Take your compliments. Next time someone compliments you, resist the urge to downplay yourself. Instead, flash them a beautiful smile and gift them with a heartfelt “Thank you!” It will make you both feel great.

2.  Say “Thank You”. We all receive amazing things into our lives on a regular basis without even thinking about it. Becoming consciously aware of how blessed we are opens us to receiving more. Consider something or someone in your life that you’ve been taking for granted, and give thanks for or to them. This is powerful and can really help clear up blocks to prosperity, especially when you do it regularly.

3. Expect good things to come your way. Keep your eyes open. Look for abundance, and you’ll find it. 🙂

Case in point:
My friends Rev. Anne Presuel and Sherry Bowers are hosting a Giveaway Event right now, and you’re invited!It’s called Divine Biz Gifts, and it’s officially for entrepreneurs, but I’ve checked it out and there are all sorts of awesome things for everyone, whether you’re in business for yourself or not.

For example, here are just a few of the products you can download for free:

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The offerings rotate, so you’ll see different ones each time you log in.

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A spiritual windfall

Three red apples watercolor painting

“Wonderful things keep falling into my life!”
One of the nicest things about fall is…apples!

Where I live in Negaunee, MI, we have a lot of old abandoned apple trees within walking distance of our front door.
Some of them are not much to speak about, but some of the trees have amazingly good apples. And this time of year you can gather them by the bag full.
I really love those apples. Some are sweet, some are pretty tart, but they all have wonderfully complex flavors that you just don’t find in modern apples. And the trees are so generous in sharing their bounty! homemade pie from wild apples
Here is my daughter Aster and Hazuki, the Japanese student we hosted for 2 weeks, with Hazuki’s first apple pie. The girls made it from windfall apples they gathered from those old trees, and the pie was AMAZING!
I wish I could share the pie with you, but I’m afraid it disappeared too fast for that. Fortunately, though, I just stumbled on another windfall that I can share – and that is just as sweet as pie.
My friends, Rev. Anne Presuel & Sherry Bowers, are hosting an online giveaway of resources from dozens of top-level spiritual practitioners. These include how-to and informational videos, guidebooks, and even readings, all free and no strings attached.
The offerings rotate daily, but so far I’ve seen ones that address abundance, joy, chakra clearing, and lots of healing and self-healing trainings.
The giveaway is especially geared towards spiritual entrepreneurs, so there are a lot of business-building goodies in there, too. But honestly even if you have no intention of ever being in business you’ll find a ton of valuable stuff just for your own personal use.
This is thousands of dollars of information just lying there like so many sweet, juicy windfall apples.
Worth checking out at least? I think so! You can pick your windfalls here. (They’re good through the end of this month.)