Pantry fornication and other fun ways to get grounded

usa online casino minimum deposit worm bin“Aren’t they so cuuuuuuuute?” I gushed, as I lifted the lid of the box to reveal the delicately writhing pink segmented bodies in their protective layer of sphagnum moss.

rivers casino slot payouts My daughter rolled her eyes. “If you say so,” she replied in perfectly rehearsed teenage deadpan. (I hoped the irony of my words was not lost on her; the phrase had passed her very lips many times over the previous two years as she emoted over her pet rats, usually accompanied by shoving one or both of the beady-eyed furballs in our faces.)

online casino blackjack cheat Thus began my composting redworm experiment last November. Cute or worm binnot, the little critters have been happily fornicating in my pantry ever since, in between consuming a respectable percentage of our family’s vegetative kitchen scraps. (Minus onion and orange peel, which apparently give them indigestion.)

online casino with book of ra Now six months later, the earthworms have been threatening to overflow their original bin. So, I designated today as Moving Day – time to start a new bin and move half the little darlings to their new home. A messy job, but somebody had to do it. Fortunately, as you can see from the photo, I love mud. (I also take a certain diabolical pleasure in anything that will cause teenage eyes to roll. Like making them take pictures of their mom and her crazy hobbies.)

online gutschein code wrist deep in worm castingsAnyway, it’s pretty hard not to feel at least a little grounded when you’re wrist deep in worm castings. 😉

top 5 online casino real money Now all the little wormies are safely ensconced in their new (or renovated) homes, and my houseplants are enjoying a nourishing drink of worm tea. My kitchen floor is swept clean, and my daughter is speaking to me again.

double down casino free slots download Life is good.

sun city casino online malaysia  

black diamond casino slots (In case you missed my recent post about the spirit animal meaning of Earthworm, catch it here.)

Earthworm alchemy

online gambling license south africa earthwormsWhen most people think of power animals, they tend to gravitate towards the sexy ones. Wolf, Eagle, Lion, Horse, Cat. Gentler souls will sometimes go for sweet ones like Rabbit or Deer. But I’ve never, ever, heard anyone mention worms.

Which is a shame. Because despite its humble appearance and habits (after all, it eats dirt!) Earthworm is an incredibly powerful totem animal.

The original alchemist

The biggest reason I love Earthworms so much is their feeding habits. They are basically living composting machines. They eat through all the icky, unwanted stuff no one else wants and transform it into sweet-smelling castings. Worm droppings are truly magical in the garden. They are incredibly nourishing to the soil and help plants grow like gangbusters! online casino wish upon a jackpot What a profound spiritual lesson: turning negatives into positives!

One worm, and one worm

Another interesting thing about Earthworms is that they are hermaphrodites. Each individual worm has both male and female parts (although a single one can’t produce offspring on its own.) When two worms mate, they both produce egg cocoons! all slots casino no deposit bonus codes Earthworms are thus a wonderful symbol of creative abundance and of harmonious integration of the masculine and feminine elements of one’s being.

online casino zdarma bonus If you feel ungrounded…

…there is no better animal to contemplate than Earthworm. You can’t get much closer to the earth than this little fellow! Try one or all of these exercises to help connect with Worm’s earthy vitality.

lucky palace online casino malaysia 1) Worm watching watch casino online free putlockers I: Spend a few minutes (or a few hours) in the garden, inhaling the aroma of moist soil, digging in the dirt, and watching worms wriggle through the earth. Do it barefoot if you can. It will help you feel much more settled and peaceful.

best online casino nz 2019 2) Worm watching II: Start a vermicomposting bin (like mine at worm binright.) (Most people use redworms, like the ones in the picture above.) Spend time with your worms when you check up on them and feed them. Move slowly and keep the lights dim – they don’t like abrupt movements or harsh light. Watch how gracefully they move through the bedding. Enjoy the rustling sounds they make as they move through the bin. Watching the worms can be relaxing, meditative and surprisingly addictive. (Yes, I’m a geek.)

casino online sin deposito inicial españa 3) Earthworm visualization: If you have no access to actual worms, then close your eyes and imagine that you are a worm, sliding smoothly through a tunnel of cool, moist earth. Feel how the aura of the planet embraces you, and how everything you need is right there surrounding you – shelter, nourishment, oxygen, water. You feel safe and calm, just tunneling along at a pace that feels comfortable to you… Come out of your earthworm reverie when you are ready, shake off the soil, and slowly open your eyes. Don’t you feel more grounded now? 🙂

The dark side of Earthworms

When I was a kid no one ever had a bad word to say about earthworms. (Unless the conversation happened over school lunch.) Worms were hailed as heros. We were told that lots of earthworms were a sign of a healthy soil, and that they were great for gardens, fields and forests alike.

Now, though, we know that this is not always true. Many forested regions of North America have no native populations of earthworms. When worms get introduced, they alter the natural balance of the forest. The invasive earthworms can make it difficult for many native plant species, including young trees, ferns, and wildflowers, to survive.

online casino for usa The lesson here? Dig deep, and observe what is really happening (including second and third degree connections), before you accept ‘common knowledge’ as truth. And realize, too, that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ often depend on context.
photo credit: Worm Bin via photopin (license)

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