“Find Your Spirit Animal” class starts beta testing Aug. 18

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I know I’ve mentioned this already to some of you, but now it’s official! buy now My 5 week class on working with Spirit Animals starts August 18!

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Spirit Animal Alchemy: How to Find and Work With Your Personal Animal Guides will cover a ton of what I’ve learned from working with Spirit Animals over the years, including:

  • What are Spirit Animals?
  • Different types of Spirit Animals and how they can help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals
  • 3 ways to connect with Spirit Animals
  • How to find your personal Totem Animal
  • What never to do when working with Spirit Animals
  • Shadow Totems
  • and more.

I will also provide guided meditations, worksheets and exercises to help you connect and interact successfully with your power animal guides.

I will eventually be teaching this online to the general public. But first, I’d like to give it a relaxed, stress-free trial run.
cheap generic viagra mail order pharmacy In exchange for honest feedback, I am offering FREE TUITION for those who apply and are a good fit. 
I am limiting this first class to 25 participants, so if you are interested, apply here right away: http://app.getresponse.com/survey.html?u=Sh4i&survey_id=352402 

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