Seeking your Spirit Animal? Use the 3 “I’s!”

Many people are curious about finding their spirit animal totem or guide. But for many of us, it’s hard to know where to start. After all, it’s not something most of us are taught to do in school.

Like I’ve said in other posts, one could write an entire book on this topic. But today I thought I’d briefly introduce you to three important instruments (all, coincidentally, starting with the letter “I”) you can use to intuit your animal guide.

And good news: they won’t cost you a thing! Here they are:

1. Intention

Just setting the intention in your mind that you will open the doors to allowing your power animal to make its way to you is a powerful first step to finding your animal guide. (Notice how I phrase this – don’t think of finding your spirit animal as a hunt. Rather, it’s an invitation – another wonderful word that begins with “I”!)

2. Intuition

Think too hard, and it will elude you. Or, you’ll come up with an animal that your mind (ego) thinks is appropriate. If all you care about is a tattoo that will impress your friends, go right ahead. Otherwise, let go of thoughts and trust your intuition instead.

How do you know it’s intuition? It’s what comes to you when your conscious mind is off guard. When you’re daydreaming or thinking of nothing in particular. When you’re focused on something else. When it comes to you in dreams. Or those sudden flashes of insight, inspiration, or impulses from out of the blue. (Wow, those “I” words just won’t quit, will they?)

3. Imagination

Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? If you did, what did the adults in your life say about it? Chances are, they told you that it was all in your imagination. That is wasn’t REAL. And maybe even to shut up and stop telling LIES.

Well, if that is what you experienced, then it’s time to pull out one more fantastic “I” word: IGNORE. Sure, your childhood imaginary friend, as well as totem spirits and all sorts of spiritual phenomena aren’t on the same plane of reality as your iPhone, but that doesn’t make them any less REAL. Your Imagination is your ticket to ride when it comes to finding your spirit animals, and to exploring your Inner life in general. (As long as it’s driven by your Intuition, not your ego.)

Used together, the three “I’s” are a powerful trio that can help you discover your personal totem animal, as well as many other spirit guides. Value them, and cultivate them!

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What is the Spirit Meaning of Horse?

Horse spirit animalThe Horse is a bit of a contradiction. Besides the Dog, no other animal has been more used (or abused) by humans. Yet Horse has always symbolized the free spirit and the wild frontier.

Truthfully, Horse is both loyal and free-spirited.  If this power animal has entered your life it may point to a need to balance your own needs and desires with your need and desire to be of service to others. (If you ride horses, you will appreciate how important the concept of balance is where these animals are concerned!)

horse power animal Horse can help you do this if you’re up for the ride. Few other animals can match Horse’s combination of speed, strength and stamina. Horse is a wonderful power animal for forward momentum. Depending on the road you have before you, it can carry you swiftly over the obstacles in your path, or patiently over the long haul. If you move or must deal with change, Horse can help you adapt to and move easily through whatever environment or circumstances you pass through.

Horses are also extremely sensitive and pick up easily on the
feelings and emotions of the people around them.
In fact, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a new kind of therapy in which horses help people overcome addictions, depression, trauma, and other mental health challenges. It is not uncommon for those with this animal totem to have empathic abilities.

horse totem animal The shadow side of Horse has a lot to do with two things: fear and impulsivity. Horses are prey animals and their main line of protection is to run. Unfortunately, when they get frightened they will sometimes run amok. If you have strong Horse energy you may struggle with a tendency to act impulsively. It may be hard for you to stay the course, or you may find yourself shying away from your true path when challenges come your way.

But of course you will always be challenged if you are on a path that matters. So Horse people are well advised to work on grounding and on training their minds to stay in control. Basically, you want to be a compassionate rider who can partner with your inner horse to keep him calm and happy enough to take you where you want to go with speed and power.

Beauty is, of course, subjective, but with their long flowing tails, tossing manes and elegance of motion, many people find themselves captivated by the beauty of the Horse. There is something highly spiritual about these animals, and about the experience of riding them, that can’t be explained in ordinary words. Perhaps this Arabian proverb says it best:

“The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears.”

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The Importance of Dogs

Girl hugging dog

You might be wondering if your pet can be a spirit guide. And is Fido really interested in helping you along on your spiritual journey – or does he just want a bite of your sandwich?

The answer is yes, and yes! (Well, OK, and yes to the sandwich bit, too. Dogs are such positive, optimistic souls!)

Seriously, though, why grudge our dogs the occasional stolen hot dog when you consider what they do for us (when they’re not barfing on the rug)?

According to Brian Hare, author of the bestselling book The Genius of Dogs, archaeological evidence strongly suggests that we didn’t really domesticate dogs. Rather, they seem to have domesticated themselves.

They Chose Us. Jasmine dog laughing

Yes, the aroma of roasting meat around a campfire doubtless helped. But I think there is more to why dogs have chosen to cast their lot in with us than food alone. Here are just a few of the ways I have observed dogs helping people on the spiritual level:

  • Dogs are our spiritual guardians. A protective dog will put itself between its person and danger. They do this on the spirit level, too. Research shows that people who keep dogs are far less likely to fall prey to depression. I have also witnessed dogs absorbing negative, stressful energy in a household into their own bodies in order to protect the children.
  • Dogs teach us unconditional love.  Your dog doesn’t care what you look like or how much money you have in the bank. It loves you because it loves you. It will probably also love you even if you abuse it. This can be heartbreaking, and hopefully there will come a day when animal abuse is a thing of the past, but it is a testament to the incredible heart that Dog as a spirit guide possesses.


  • Melvin dog funny noseDogs guide us along our spiritual paths. Every dog I’ve ever had has managed to help me on my way and teach me a spiritual lesson. My first two dogs helped me raise my kids. (The picture up top is my daughter with Pavlov, a rascally little fellow with the biggest heart I’ve ever met. He still visits me in dreams.) My Jasmine (the black Lab mix pictured up there on the right) came along at a time when I was ready to open up spiritually. She had been abused and can’t stand even the slightest negative energy. She is teaching me to center myself and not let the negative stuff throw me off course. And our newest boy, Melvin (left) – he’s trying to teach me to chill out and have more fun. 🙂

What spirit lessons have your dogs taught you? Please share below!


 Tomorrow: Earthworms!


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If you did, you will enjoy my newsletter, too. I share positive affirmations, uplifting artwork, and spiritual insights for awakening souls. You will also get a free guided meditation to help you meet your Spirit Animal! Just go to the "Cool Stuff" tab in the menu up top and click on "Newsletter" to subscribe.

Root Chakra Power Animal Meditation Painting: Badger & Snake

Another new painting in the Chakra Power Animal series:

Root chakra meditation painting

This Root Chakra Meditation Painting is next in the Power Animal Chakra Meditation Series after my Bee Power Center painting. (No, I’m not doing them in order.) It’s intended to help balance and open up your root chakra. Root chakra issues include anxiety, fear, & lack of confidence; feeling ungrounded, spacey or disconnected; and feeling insecure in your wealth/prosperity space.

The root, in its position at the base of the body, supports all the other chakras. When they are all in balance, there is a direct open line of energy from your Root all the way up to your Crown chakra (connection to the Divine) and even further, to your Higher Self. So you can see how important it is to nurture your root!

This connection is symbolized in this painting by the snake’s reaching upwards and by the white stripe running from the tip of the badger’s nose all the way down his back to his tail. Both animals hug the ground and are wonderful carriers of Root/Grounding energy. Badger especially is very secure and confident in his being. If you are unsure of yourself, it is good medicine to imagine yourself as a Badger!

Badger is also a good totem for those who live a nomadic life or who have moved a lot. Badgers keep many burrows, and unless they are raising a litter they typically spend only a night or two in any one before moving on to the next. Moving can be very ungrounding, so look to Badger to learn how to stay in your grounded space no matter where life takes you.

You might try using this image as a meditation aid along with African or Native American drumming or drum music. Imagine yourself sending your roots deep into the ground, and drawing the nourishing energy of Mother Earth back up through them. Lift your arms and let that energy flow up and through your fingertips and the crown of your head. THen imagine it falling again as rain, seeping back into the earth for you to soak up some more. Doesn’t that feel grounding and refreshing?

(Be sure to nosh on something red afterwards – beet chips or pomegranate juice would be perfect!) 🙂

What have you done to ground yourself today?

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