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sildenafil citrate otcIf you have been following non prescription viagra you’ll have noticed I’ve been experimenting with doing video readings from my non prescription sildenafil citrate this month. The first couple were such fun I thought I’d keep going and donon prescription generic viagra as well.

I’m noticing some patterns here with a couple of the animals from the new moon and 1st quarter readings showing up again – usually a sign to pay extra attention. 🙂 Plus Butterfly showed up in a very significant placement.

This is important because I’ve really been feeling for some time now that 2018 is the Year of the Butterfly (as you may remember from my New Year’s Butterfly vision workshop.)

So before we look at what Butterfly has to tell us right now, let’s take a step back for an overview:

butterfly2018: Year of the Butterfly

Collectively, the last couple years have been pretty energetically interesting to say the least. For many of us the first few months of 2018 were especially turbulent. My feeling is that we are experiencing this birthing of a new consciousness on the planet as Mother Earth ascends, and that 2018 in particular marks a real transition period.

If you’ve ever given birth you know transition can be pretty intense! But it also marks the beginning of a more active phase of labor. I’m anticipating that from this point forward, the ascension of the planet will accelerate. Here are a few things to expect over the next few months:

  • More people than ever will start to awaken spiritually
  • The awakening process will, on average, become faster and easier
  • The doors will open for more and more awakened souls to start stepping into their power. This could manifest in the areas of relationships, job/career/business, spiritual connection, etc.
  • However, it won’t necessarily all be love and light. Again, if you’ve given birth you know that transition gives way to crowning – so brace yourselves for more waves of intensity in the coming years!

Spirit Animal Message from Butterfly:

Clearly, there is a lot of action and hard work to look forward to. But in this month’s non prescription generic sildenafil citrate Butterfly is encouraging us to move into this new period of ascending energy with grace, making sure we are well prepared to play our parts.

When she climbs out of the cocoon she doesn’t rush off into the air right away. Instead she takes her time, allowing her wings to gain full strength before she takes flight.

The good news is, right now the energies feel aligned to give us a bit of a breather. So take advantage of it!

Be sure to find time this week to look inward, connect with your guides, tell your monkey mind to take a hike, and allow yourself to feel into what your best next steps might be.

And, if you like, viagra no prescription for guidance from Cat and Eagle on specific ways to do this.

sildenafil citrate no prescription


generic viagra no prescription

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