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2 thoughts on “Spirit animal painting: Buffalo and Crows”

  1. I love your painting. I was traveling in the Mount Rushmore area during the holiday. On Thanksgiving night my friend and I were driving back to the hotel through the black hills. One buffalo stepped onto the road in front of the car. The road was a switch back and so we were going slow enough, thankfully, we stopped in time. This Buffalo cross the road and as we inched forward to see it’s partner on the side of the road to our left. He walked onto the road behind us and stood in the middle of it. We tried to get a photo but it was too dark in the flash wasn’t good enough. I was worried about startling them but they didn’t bother us and we drove on. I always Google the animal totem when something like this happens. And since we were traveling I didn’t look at my emails until today and see that you were email came on the same day as our sighting. I will take that as a double message to take net. Thank you for sharing and it sounds like we are having the same life experience. I look forward to hearing more from you.

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