April 2018 Full Moon Animal Card Reading

blue morpho butterfly paintingIf you have been following my YouTube channel you’ll have noticed I’ve been experimenting with doing video readings from my spirit animal oracle card deck this month. The first couple were such fun I thought I’d keep going and do an animal card reading for this month’s full moon as well.

I’m noticing some patterns here with a couple of the animals from the new moon and 1st quarter readings showing up again – usually a sign to pay extra attention. 🙂 Plus Butterfly showed up in a very significant placement.

This is important because I’ve really been feeling for some time now that 2018 is the Year of the Butterfly (as you may remember from my New Year’s Butterfly vision workshop.)

So before we look at what Butterfly has to tell us right now, let’s take a step back for an overview:

butterfly2018: Year of the Butterfly

Collectively, the last couple years have been pretty energetically interesting to say the least. For many of us the first few months of 2018 were especially turbulent. My feeling is that we are experiencing this birthing of a new consciousness on the planet as Mother Earth ascends, and that 2018 in particular marks a real transition period.

If you’ve ever given birth you know transition can be pretty intense! But it also marks the beginning of a more active phase of labor. I’m anticipating that from this point forward, the ascension of the planet will accelerate. Here are a few things to expect over the next few months:

  • More people than ever will start to awaken spiritually
  • The awakening process will, on average, become faster and easier
  • The doors will open for more and more awakened souls to start stepping into their power. This could manifest in the areas of relationships, job/career/business, spiritual connection, etc.
  • However, it won’t necessarily all be love and light. Again, if you’ve given birth you know that transition gives way to crowning – so brace yourselves for more waves of intensity in the coming years!

Spirit Animal Message from Butterfly:

Clearly, there is a lot of action and hard work to look forward to. But in this month’s full moon animal card reading Butterfly is encouraging us to move into this new period of ascending energy with grace, making sure we are well prepared to play our parts.

When she climbs out of the cocoon she doesn’t rush off into the air right away. Instead she takes her time, allowing her wings to gain full strength before she takes flight.

The good news is, right now the energies feel aligned to give us a bit of a breather. So take advantage of it!

Be sure to find time this week to look inward, connect with your guides, tell your monkey mind to take a hike, and allow yourself to feel into what your best next steps might be.

And, if you like, tune in to this week’s spirit animal reading for guidance from Cat and Eagle on specific ways to do this.

Watch full animal card reading on YouTube 


spirit animal card reading april 2018 full moon

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Spirit Animal Meaning of Owl

Gray Owl and moonFunny how some animals (like Dolphin) are almost universally loved, while others elicit a whole range of emotions, from reverence to revulsion. Of any bird spirit animal, Owl is perhaps the one that is most feared, while at the same time respected and sometimes even beloved.

Owl played a big role in last week’s New Moon reading for this lunar month. For me, it was the third or fourth time she popped up within a couple weeks. When a power animal shows up three or more times in a row, it’s time to pay attention. So I thought I’d take a deeper dive into Owl spirit animal medicine this week.

Here is the Cliff’s Notes version; if Owl calls to you and you’d like to hear more, check out my brand new Owl video on YouTube.

Owl Spirit Animal Meanings and Associations:

  •  Secrets
  •  The shadow world (deep unconscious)
  •  Deep intuition
  •  Speaking the truth
  •  Wisdom, and especially Crone wisdom
  •  Silent or behind the scenes efficiency
  •  Magic
  •  Letting go of what doesn’t serve you

The Shadow Side of Owl:

  •  Illusion
  •  Illogic
  •  Insanity
  •  Depression
  •  Stealth
  •  Addictions
  •  Death (This can actually be positive – e.g. dying to one way of life in order to enter a new one)

To explore Owl power animal meaning more deeply, watch my video:

Owl is asking me to share a couple things in particular right now:

Old Woman Wisdom: Speaking the Truth

The first has to do with speaking one’s truth. Owl represents intuitive awareness, and the ability to not only see different perspectives, but the compulsion to reveal the Truth about them. This is old woman wisdom (and in fact the Celts associated the Owl with the Crone phase of the Goddess.) Old women are not afraid to speak the truth, even when it is uncomfortable.

Here is where the shadow side of Owl comes in: When truth is suppressed—when the choice is made to ignore or turn away from intuitive guidance, to kill the voice—illness, misfortune, and madness reign supreme.

We see the effects of this in our culture: chronic illness, high suicide rates, environmental degradation, threat of nuclear holocaust, etc. It shows up in individuals, too (especially for people who are called to the shamanic path; part of the shaman’s journey typically entails falling ill and/or going mad until they learn how to align their mind, spirit, and body with divine truth, at which time the shaman is healed and is able to use their healing powers to help others.)

Take What Serves You, Get Rid of The Rest

The second Owl power animal insight at this time  is related to Owl’s digestive habits. An Owl’s digestive system is able to separate out the digestible bits of their prey from the inedible parts – bones, fur, teeth, and claws – and compress the latter into hard pellets which the owl then coughs up and spits out. Owl teaches us to take what’s nourishing from a situation and leave  the rest rather than internalizing what’s not supporting you. (Or more likely expel it; as silent as Owls can be, they are not a passive bird.)

Put together, Owl’s encouragement at this time is to spend some time really feeling into what is true for you—including separating out what you find valuable from that which is not—and giving voice to it.

This, of course, takes courage. Whether it leads you to a path of activism, or getting rid of habits or people who aren’t supporting your highest good, or honoring the truth of what really is fulfilling to you vs. what others (or your own ego) advocates, or simply drawing a line and speaking up for what you know is true, you can expect resistance. In fact, it can shake up your life pretty bad. But ultimately if you are experiencing any kind of discomfort in your current life, acknowledging the truth and acting on it is a necessary step to regaining balance.

And if fear of the consequences has been holding you back from speaking or acting on your truth (don’t be ashamed if it has), know that the consequences may not actually be as bad as you may anticipate. We are entering a time in history where old woman wisdom is just starting to be appreciated again. There is a lot of spiritual support for this on the planet right now. And this support is growing on a lot of levels.

As each individual steps into their truth, it makes it that much easier for the next to do so. We all rise up together.

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When All Seems Bleak…

American robin

Snowfall. A world in white. Looks just like winter—but somehow it FEELS like spring. The robins agree: they are back, singing their hearts out in the snow.

Just as in spring the weather will sometimes revert to winter conditions, sometimes situations in life appear to be worse than they are. (This often happens during times of transition when you are making a shift towards something better.) The wise animal inside you knows the truth about where you are in your journey, and the appropriate actions to take.

Sometimes at times like these it’s better to consult the gut than the mind. What is really happening? Is this really a good time to hunker down and hibernate, or migrate elsewhere? (Maybe it is, maybe not.) Or would it feel better to rustle up some yummy worms, build your nest, or simply open your heart and sing?

Myself, I’m hitting the ski trail today. That white stuff won’t last forever, after all!

Photo credit: Greg Reese

Crushing Guilt

Guilt is an interesting emotion, because it subverts and manipulates Love. If Love is not present, it’s impossible for guilt to take hold.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in situations where our best interests appear to conflict with another’s. This is a breeding ground for guilt.

For many years I struggled with guilt around eating animal products. I tried just about every meat-free diet under the sun, from lacto-ovo vegetarian to raw vegan. Eventually I would always end up feeling physically, mentally, and/or emotionally imbalanced. It seems that at least for now my particular body needs at least a small amount of meat.

This disturbed me. I wrestled with it for years before I finally thought to ask my guides for their perspective.

“We are all one,” they said. “Nature eats itself in order to grow and expand in consciousness. This is a gift of the animals to you, given out of love at the soul level, for the sake of the All. Accept and receive it with gratitude. Do not allow feelings of guilt to taint your receiving. Guilt does not honor their sacred gift.”

I noticed that the more stress I was under the greater my need for meat. I was given to understand that part of the animals’ gift is to help ground and connect me to Mother Earth so that I can more easily deal with denser energies. I was also told that as I progress spiritually and learn to live in love, my need for animal products will lessen, and this has proven to be the case. I hope at some point to give them up altogether. In the meantime, I do my best to choose ones that are produced as humanely as possible, and give thanks at each and every meal.

Not everyone struggles with this particular issue, but nearly all of us experiences guilt at one time or another.

Guilt binds. It is the enemy of freedom. If you are dealing with guilt, know this:

  • We are here for a reason. We do have needs and it’s important that our real needs be met so we can move towards our higher purpose.
  • Each individual is responsible for determining and honoring their own real needs.
  • Sacrificing our real needs for another in a way that is counter to our purpose is not an act of love and will create karma for both.
  • Guilt does not honor another’s sacrifice for our well being. Gratitude does.*
  • When we wrong others, guilt will not heal the wounding. Forgiveness will.

If you are struggling with feelings of guilt, connect with the other person at the soul level. Express your love and gratitude for them, and ask for forgiveness, both from them and from yourself.  (You can do this at the soul level if the person’s ego is unable to forgive.) Also send yourself a lot of love.

Then, ask your angels to help you clear any feelings of guilt around the situation, and guide you to the best actions to take moving forward. The Hawaiian practice of ho’oponopono can also be hugely helpful.

Much love and many blessings,


*Sometimes we must choose between courses of action that all appear to deny our real needs. In this case the path that honors the highest real need will be the most desirable—which may entail a great deal of sacrifice. Jesus is a great example of this.


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Heart’s Center (channeled message from Archangel Haniel)

Joy Healing Heart watercolorIt feels to me like the spirit world speaks more directly to us through images. However most of us require translation. This message came through first as an image. I’ve been asking my angels lately to help me by giving me clear words that I and others can understand. I am grateful to Archangel Haniel for this explanation:

Archangel Haniel on Heart’s Center

Gratitude - Archangel Haniel Joy. Joy in your heart. Spiraling out and from the center.

Take the time. Take the time to center. To come back to your Self.

The longing you have for others, it is a longing for wholeness. Yet wholeness is here from the very beginning, here in your heart. You have never left a state of wholeness. You can come back to it whenever you want, just by coming to stillness.

And in stillness is the joy, the eternal sound like the ringing of a singing bowl, the crystal voices of angels, that song eternal throughout time. It is Joy, oh beautiful one, it is the joyous sound of Love. When you are truly centered here, all is well When you are truly centered here, there is nothing to fear. When you are truly centered here, all is Love.

You are always truly centered here. Only when you choose to experience otherwise will you see differently. But that is a story you tell yourself, a deliberate illusion for the purpose of exploration. A what-if fairy tale. You can play with that version of “reality” as long as you want, but when you get bored of that, when it no longer serves the purpose of your soul, when there is no more to learn from it, you can put it back on the shelf and return to center, return to Love.

For Love is All, and you are Love. And everyone you love is Love, so no matter what it looks like in this crazy projection of a world, we are already united with our lovers, with our family, with the ones who have passed on.

Think of that. Perpetual union. A coming together in ultimate bliss, always and forever. No matter what it would seem from the perspective of the world, remember this.


Did you enjoy this post? Christie

If you did, you will enjoy my newsletter, too. I share positive affirmations, uplifting artwork, and spiritual insights for awakening souls. You will also get a free guided meditation to help you meet your Spirit Animal! Just go to the "Cool Stuff" tab in the menu up top and click on "Newsletter" to subscribe.