“Skunk saved me!” (True spirit animal story)

skunk spirit animal oracle card A client of mine (I’ll call her Jane) shared this with me this week. I thought it was a cool true spirit animal story, and with her permission I’d like to share it with you, too:

Jane stepped into her local car dealership last Saturday with the intention of just test driving a specific vehicle. 

“But you know how they are,” she wrote me. “They held me captive ‘till I bought a car. 

“I was not happy. It wasn’t the right car. I was so mad at myself. I spent too much, I didn’t feel right about the deal, and I was also sad because I wasted my day off getting suckered into it.

But as I’m tossing and turning in the night and trying to relax, guess who shows up? Skunk. He kind of scampers on to the frame of my mind’s eye out of the right hand corner. Immediately I grabbed my tablet and looked up the meaning of skunk.

‘Back Off!’  is the message I got from it. ‘Stop trying so hard. Relax and let the situation resolve itself.’

“It also said, ‘you don’t have to ‘make a stink.’ You have the confidence to right a wrong with a calm heart.’

“Isn’t that great? It’s sure what I needed to hear. I relaxed and immediately felt myself slip back into alignment.”

Long story short, Jane returned to the dealership the next day and calmly canceled the deal.  “Thanks, Skunk spirit!” she wrote. And, “Thanks for bringing the critters into my life. Their wisdom and companionship is really a help and a comfort.”

When spirit animals show up for you (and they will), pay attention—they really are here to help us out! 🙂

Angelic Protection Technique for Lonely Hearts

heart angel wings

Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh, yes. The day we celebrate Love.

True Love shared with another nourishes and raises both of you to new levels of fulfillment, joy, and purpose.

But then there is the relentless, desperate, consuming aspect of love. The pain we feel when the person we love doesn’t share our feelings. Or when they return our love with hurtfulness or indifference. Or when our feelings of love for the person cross the bounds of what is appropriate for the relationship—but still, our heart bleeds with longing.

When Love Hurts…

This kind of “love” can consume us. If it goes on too long, it can lead to numbness, depression, and loss of self. In extreme cases a person really can die of a broken heart.

My angels recently showed me a simple protection technique for lonely hearts. Whether you are in a relationship or not, it can help ease any pain you might be feeling connected with love.

It starts with a realization:

  • There is true love, or divine love. This love is unconditional, and always healing.
  • Then, there is “human” love (for lack of a better word). This is the love that leads to attachment and, if not met with divine love, will lead to pain.
  • This “human love” is not truly love. Rather, it is a crying out for true love. You can also think of it as love that has been warped or misdirected through fear and separation consciousness so that it creates pain instead of healing.
  • Most of the time, because we are human, the love we feel for another will include a combination of divine and human love.

So here is the suggestion:

When you become aware of discomfort in love—whether it be a sense of longing, loneliness, pain, or hurt—try this:

1. Visualize the love you feel for the other person as rays of pink or golden light.
2. As those rays reach the person, allow them to divide. See some of the rays surrounding the person and blessing them with divine love.
3. Then, see the other rays bending back and coming to you. These were the “human love” rays you sent.
4. As these human love rays return to your heart, a transmutation process takes place, cleansing them and returning them to their true state of divine love.
5. Open your heart and allow yourself receive this divine love into your being. You will likely feel a surge of well-being, joy, and inner peace.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and if you try this technique please let me know how it works for you!

Butterfly Power Animal Meaning: Transformation & Spiritual Awakening

"Blue Morpho" Butterfly Power Animal art

A few weeks back I offered to relay some insights into the spiritual meaning of Butterfly, and a bunch my followers said, “yes, please!” It took longer to put together than I had anticipated. But as it happens, the timing (I posted to YouTube just before the Winter Solstice) feels perfect.

I have to admit, the holiday season is not my favorite time of year. It’s dark, and where I live in the UP of Michigan it can get brutally cold. (For instance, I just got back from walking my dog in -10° weather – brrr!)

But what I do LOVE about it is the promise it brings: More Light and more Life about to enter the world!

Butterflies have a number of symbolic meanings. Chief among them is that of transformation.

And specifically, spiritual transformation—just like the Winter Solstice season!

And that is the aspect of Butterfly I was guided to focus on in this video. I won’t give it all away, except to say I’m not surprised it took Butterfly a while to come forward: a big part of her message is to bring awareness to the PROCESS of awakening as a progression that unfolds over time.

Because if you’re like me, it’s easy to get impatient. You have a vision, and you want it to happen NOW. And it gets frustrating when it doesn’t—especially when you work so hard to bring your dreams into fruition only to find yourself again and again seemingly back on square one and feeling like your life is just a series of startings-over.

The Butterfly animal guide reminds us that transformation happens in stages, and these stages take time.

Each stage also has its own lessons to learn. But, each stage prepares us for the next one, until eventually we really are able to joyously take flight on those beautiful wings we’ve worked so hard to grow.

If the Butterfly power animal resonates with you, and especially if you or others you know are on the verge of or in the midst of a spiritual transformation, I encourage you to take a listen. Butterfly is as wise as she is beautiful; I gained a lot of insight into the process of awakening and how to move through it with grace by listening to what she has to teach. I hope you do, too.

Enjoy, and if you like what you hear, be sure to like the video, share, and subscribe to my channel!

Much love, many blessings, and have a happy and blessed Yule!


P.S. Just a heads up: Butterfly had so much to say that the video ended up a bit on the long side: a little over 30 minutes. Please don’t let that stop you, or feel time pressured. Your heart will tell you if you’re meant to hear the whole thing (and there is a LOT of juicy stuff in there!) If you are, just pull it up on your phone and listen in while you’re doing something else like your daily walk or doing the dishes. Even if you get distracted and have to run through it a few times, the parts you’re meant to hear will eventually sink in, effortlessly and without costing you any extra time.
P. P.S. The spiritual meaning of Butterfly also includes Vision, Freedom, and Joy. Just for fun, I’ll be doing a FREE teleseminar this Thursday called “Creating Your Butterfly Vision for Lasting Transformation in 2018.” You are totally invited! Just sign up to my newsletter before 1:00 PM on Dec. 28, 2017 and keep an eye out for login instructions.
butterfly spirit animal free workshop

Stand Up

Conventional wisdom has it that our most significant physical feature is the opposable thumb. I disagree.

The biggest physical difference between us and all the other higher animals is our posture.

If you look at how human beings stand, our chakras are aligned from Earth to Heaven.

We’re the only vertebrate animal I can think of that is aligned in this manner. Even birds that walk on two feet are aligned more towards the horizontal, or at least at an angle. But we are straight up and down, and there’s a reason for that.

The calling of Humanity, our Purpose if you will, is this whole adventure of ascending consciousness. It’s why we exist.

A lot of people at this time are upset about humanity, with good reason considering what we’re doing to the planet.

But consider what an amazing task we’ve taken upon ourselves: to assist and be a part of this great process, to be a vehicle for the expansion of Spirit. (In other words, have some compassion – it’s not easy!)

That’s why we are standing upright. Because it’s really not a very practical design, when you think of it. It’s quite a crazy feat of engineering. But, there it is.

Consider this. And consider the role your body plays in the pursuit of Purpose.

Consider the connection you can manifest in your physical body by keeping a healthy relationship between your chakras, Heaven, and Earth. In other words, by cultivating perfect posture.

Tuck your tailbone. Engage your abs. Pull your shoulders back. Imagine the crown of your head drawn upward towards Heaven with a silken cord. And another slender thread suspending the Earth from your root.

We are connected, after all. And all of Life on Earth hangs in the balance.


And stand in your truth.

What to do when exhaustion strikes

Can you relate to this? (If you’ve ever worked a corporate job you probably can…)

You’re so tired you’re working on fumes. You just keep pushing through. But you don’t know why, really.

You just want to sleep. It’s the best cure. But you need to get through the afternoon.
You feel like you’re in two worlds. Lots of fluctuations in perception and consciousness.

Faking it, as usual.  But faking it is just unacceptable.

Then you get really close to being real. Like a moment of authenticity…but then it flits away….

Part of what’s going on when you feel this way – probably a big part – is that your body-mind partnership is not functioning optimally right now.

Our bodies are not designed to live the kind of life that our modern minds have created and expect of us. Our mental self will push and push and push, it doesn’t get tired the way our physical self does. And it will push the body into exhaustion. Which of course gets our emotional self out of whack – it’s all connected! 🙂

So it’s really important to do all we can to love and support the body as much as possible.

Supporting our physical selves, like everything else, starts with awareness. Paying attention to what’s really going on.

Getting enough sleep is essential. Of course you can’t just sack out when you’re at work, but take a look at your overall sleep patterns – is it just today or is there a larger pattern at work?

Also keep in mind that one sort of imbalance can impact another. For instance, if you are hungry or dehydrated it can make you tired and sleepy. So can tanking up on carbs and experiencing a sugar crash. Or inefficient breathing.

Some spiritual disciplines consider the body unimportant or even undesirable. I don’t believe it is. We are spiritual beings, yes, but there’s a reason we’re here on the physical plane.

Honoring our own body and its needs and functions is integral to honoring Mother Earth, and the amazing evolution of consciousness itself.

So we all experience days like this. When it happens, first of all have compassion for yourself.

Yes, you have to get through the day. But also recognize that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with YOU. It’s just your body’s way of getting your attention and telling you it’s time for some self-care.

Whether that’s taking a nap, or eating a salad or a steak or whatever your body seems to need, or chugging a big glass of water, or taking a relaxing bath, or watching a funny movie or working out or just getting out and having some fun.

Listen to your body, and it will tell you what to do! 🙂