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Spirit Buffalo with matSpirit animals are amazing allies and guides who can deliver profound insight and wisdom to help you move forward with your life, relationships, or business.

Many people have reported feeling lighter, clearer, and more at peace after a spirit animal reading with me. It’s very common also to experience profound shifts and improvements in relationships, career, well-being, and other areas of life.


You can choose to tailor your reading to focus on the area of your life you would most like to receive answers and healing, including: 

• Life Purpose/Spiritual Path

• Career/Business

• Money/Prosperity

• Love/Soul Mate

• Relationships

• Family/Children

• Pets

• Health

Readings are also great for people who want to find their spirit animal, or who are already connected with an animal but would like help communicating with it. In that case I tune in to both you and the animal, relay its messages to you, and provide guidance for how you can deepen your relationship with your spirit animal and work with it going forward.

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My readings are different because I don’t rely on cards (although sometimes I’m guided to add in a card reading for extra clarification and insight.) 🙂

Instead, I tune in directly to your energy and ask Spirit to send the animal most appropriate for you. Angels, plant totems and other guides often chime in, too. (I ONLY work with beings of light.)

This way, your answer won’t be restricted to whatever animals happen to be in the oracle deck. It could be anything – which gives it the precise ability to relay the exact message you need to hear, right now.

My clients have reported many positive results from our work together, including:

• Improved relationships

• Increased self confidence

• Business success

• Deep feelings of peace

• Spiritual heart healing

• Relief from tension and stress

• Pain relief

• Connecting with animal guides, other spirit guides and angels

• A deeper connection with Spirit

Sessions are by phone or Skype and can take place from anywhere. You will also receive a recording of the session that you can listen to again and again for further insights and inner healing.

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More Than Expected

“This last reading I will cherish and savor for a good 30 days or longer. I want to take the guidance and use it each day.

“I’m inspired to work harder to become a better healer just so I can do for others what you do for me.

“You always give a little more than what is expected. The energy reading and chakra reading were both very helpful, but you topped it off with dessert: the 3-card spread with the card reading plus the animal spirit.

“I so appreciate the recording and follow-up afterwards so it all doesn’t just vaporize in the following hours.

“I’m truly grateful for the love, energy, and insight you have provided.

“In fact, I was thinking that I would like to Gift someone a session with you as a way to reciprocate.”

– L.B., May 2017

– Kelly Wells, IA

Illuminating and Powerful

“Christie is incredible in her intuitive connection…with you and understanding how everything unfolding is relating to you individually. She knows how to see exactly what is happening with you on many levels and able to simply guide you into what you are needing to embody right now. My time with her through personal readings has been illuminating and powerful in the care she provides with clear instruction on how to move forward with my life and business.”
– Daniel John Hanneman

New Insights

My reading was fun and informative! It was a whole new way of looking at me and my situation — a different angle. What you told me aligned with what I knew to be happening and it also gave me new insights, some of which have already been confirmed from other avenues.
You handled the whole thing in a warm, compassionate manner, making sure I knew what you were doing all the time. I’m trying to think of ways to improve the process, but I’m failing. You did a great job, and took the time to make sure I understood it all. Keep doing it! Thank you!
– Allura Adelson

Reconnecting to My Spiritual Ally

“Christie was right on the money with my Spirit Animal Reading! The neatest thing is that she connected me with a specific species of animal, not just a generic “wolf” or “eagle.” And there was no way she could have known that I had an existing link to this species that reaches back 30 years. I feel as if I am now, much to my surprise, reconnecting with a spiritual ally that I had forgotten was out there for me, with many wonderful lessons to teach me. What a gift! Christie brings both a deep connection to animal spirits and a bright, joyful spirit of her own to her work. Get the word out: she’s the real deal.”
– Sally Stanton, PhD
Shamanic Practitioner/Owner, 12 Stones Healing

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