Bee in your Heart (Chakra Meditation)

amoxil generic name uk New painting…

viagra capsule price in delhi Bee Heart Honeycomb Because our  new hound dog, Melvin, has not come howling up with a stinger in his nose, I am guessing that my recent bee visitor is gone for good.  However, she did bring an invigorating infusion of Bee energy into the studio. It’s quite the buzz!

arkamin cost I’ve been playing with the idea of the Bee as symbol for the Power Center, or solar plexus chakra, and have been wanting to get it down as a painting. Today seemed like the day to do it.

relipoietin 2000 iu injection price So I grabbed a little watercolor board and got to work. (This painting is quite small – just 4″x4″. It seemed about right for a bee.)

arcoxia quanto costa The Power Center grooves on yellow and gold – fitting, because gold also represents money, power in its abstract. This is probably why so many spiritually conscious people have issues with their Power Center. It’s easy to look at the way power is abused in the world and not want a thing to do with it.

forzest 20 mg price But really, that’s kind of a backwards way to look at it. forcan ridge ukc Abuse of power – whether you are the abuser or the abused – is simply a symptom of imbalance of personal power. NOT claiming your true inner power will not fix it.

basiron ac 5 gel price in india Of course, money is optional where true power is concerned. It’s just one way in which power expresses itself. It also happens to be extremely convenient, so why not be open to manifesting it when appropriate? Being well funded can certainly help you live your dreams.

macrobid cost with insurance Which, if your Power Center is well-balanced, shouldn’t lead to abuse. And, if your heart is in the right place, it will likely bring good fortune to others as well.

wellbutrin uk Speaking of hearts…

ginette 35 price Somewhere in the middle of painting this piece I began to feel something else was needed. The bee was taking form nicely atop the cells of golden honeycomb, but it just seemed…ungrounded. It seemed like it needed something to tie it together.

remeron canada Perhaps an oval shape framing the bee? No, that wasn’t quite it. Then I held my hands in a heart shape over the bee. Ahhh. That felt right. And a bit of pinky purple was just right to balance out all that yellow.

carafate tablet cost Once the heart was in place the meaning was clear…

uroxatral price in usa antivert price philippines True power is centered in the heart!

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amitone 10 price For more information about Bee in your Heart, click here.

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6 thoughts on “Bee in your Heart (Chakra Meditation)”

  1. I love it that you cupped your hands in a heart shape to visualize the bee. Listened to a program on NPR the other day about the honeybees and their decrease in numbers and what the bee keepers are doing to try to combat their losses. This is beautiful. I also enjoyed reading about the power center.

  2. Oh, the bees need all the support they can get these days, that’s for sure.

    Yes, balancing the Power Center (and the other lower chakras) is so important! So many people focus on the Heart center and above and don’t realize that getting those lower centers into alignment is necessary in order to manifest what’s happening higher up.

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