Snake Spirit Animal: What is the Symbolic Meaning of Serpent?

avapro retail price Seems like a lot of people these days are transitioning, purging, and/or going through some kind of awakening process. So it’s no wonder the Snake spirit animal has been coming up big time, not just for me personally, but for the collective what’s-happening-on-the-planet-right-now as well.   A lot of people don’t like snakes. They can … Continue reading “Snake Spirit Animal: What is the Symbolic Meaning of Serpent?”

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Kingsnake: Master of self-defense

tugain gel price One day when we were still living in our old farmhouse in central Illinois I saw a snake in the tall grass in back of the house. It was large – very large. Must have been at least 4 feet long. The sinuous body was covered with shiny scales arranged in a stunning pattern of … Continue reading “Kingsnake: Master of self-defense”

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Root Chakra Power Animal Meditation Painting: Badger & Snake

skinoren cream buy uk Another new painting in the Chakra Power Animal series: This Root Chakra Meditation Painting is next in the Power Animal Chakra Meditation Series after my Bee Power Center painting. (No, I’m not doing them in order.) It’s intended to help balance and open up your root chakra. Root chakra issues include anxiety, fear, & lack … Continue reading “Root Chakra Power Animal Meditation Painting: Badger & Snake”

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Daily Spirit Animal Readings on YouTube in September

elocon cream 0.1 price Hey there! This has been a wild summer, hasn’t it? (Eclipse season, yay!) Fall kicks off the school year, and since we’re all in the school of life, I thought I’d try doing daily spirit animal readings for the whole month of September. Just for the heck of it. Just for a challenge. Except I forgot … Continue reading “Daily Spirit Animal Readings on YouTube in September”

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Masculine and Feminine Energies in Spirit Animals

budez cr price india I love questions from readers. Here is one from Angie, about masculine and feminine energies in spirit animals: Hi Christie! I enjoyed reading about owl totem. Can you tell me if different species put out different energies or is it based on sex of the animal. For instance, I believe snakes are a feminine energy … Continue reading “Masculine and Feminine Energies in Spirit Animals”

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