Mouse Power Animal Meanings

levitra prices in south africa We humans seem to have a love-hate relationship with mice. On the one hand, you have to admit they’re cute little critters with their big eyes and round ears. Then there are our beloved fictional mice such as  Mickey Mouse, Mighty Mouse, and Speedy Gonzales. On the other hand, if you’ve ever had mice invade … Continue reading “Mouse Power Animal Meanings”

November 2018 Full Moon Clairvoyant and Spirit Animal Reading

If I could sum up what 2018 has been for a lot of people, it would be The Year of the Big Purge. Can you relate? Then you’ll probably love this: to me it feels like today’s full moon right here is a turning point. But don’t kick away the purge bucket just yet. That … Continue reading “November 2018 Full Moon Clairvoyant and Spirit Animal Reading”

Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

Learn totem animal meanings, do animal guide readings or even find your spirit animal! If you are located in the U.S. or Canada, purchase here:  For international orders, please contact me for assistance.  Spirit animals are really fun, but they’re also incredibly powerful spiritual guides who offer amazing wisdom into how to survive and thrive in … Continue reading “Spirit Animal Oracle Cards”

Blogging from A to Z: A is for Animal Spirits

This month I thought I’d do something fun. I’ve decided to join the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge! I’m using my other blog, Wild Woman’s Wolf Pack, as the primary blog for this, but since the theme (Spirit Animals) is so relevant to my work I’ll be re-posting here as well. Since “animals” starts … Continue reading “Blogging from A to Z: A is for Animal Spirits”