Spirit Animal Reading for 9/13/18 – Bison’s Tip for Abundance Right Now Today

https://mysonginthenight.com/songwriting/ https://mysonginthenight.com/songwriting/ Every day this month I am doing a spirit animal reading on my YouTube channel from my spirit animal oracle card deck. The power animal coming forward for today is Bison, or Buffalo. Bison is very often associated with Abundance, and that’s what came forward in this spirit animal reading. I was shown the Bison … Continue reading “Spirit Animal Reading for 9/13/18 – Bison’s Tip for Abundance Right Now Today”

A Buffalo Story

more info Let me tell you a quick buffalo story. Shortly after we got married, my husband Dan and I were traveling somewhere by car. I was at the wheel, and something caught my eye. I looked, and there was a herd of buffalo in a pasture by the road! I got super excited. “Look! Buffalo!” I … Continue reading “A Buffalo Story”

Spirit animal painting: Buffalo and Crows

Here’s my latest! (If you’d like to know its messages as I received them, see below.) The Buffalo (actually the American Bison) is a sacred symbol amongst Native Americans. I don’t pretend to know much about Native American spirituality, but I can certainly see why the Buffalo is considered sacred in this tradition. It has … Continue reading “Spirit animal painting: Buffalo and Crows”