Bee in your Heart (Chakra Meditation)

New painting… Because our  new hound dog, Melvin, has not come howling up with a stinger in his nose, I am guessing that my recent bee visitor is gone for good.  However, she did bring an invigorating infusion of Bee energy into the studio. It’s quite the buzz! I’ve been playing with the idea of … Continue reading “Bee in your Heart (Chakra Meditation)”

Messenger Bee

A magical thing happened in the studio yesterday. And it had nothing to do with paint. I was just wetting the crease of a folded piece of watercolor paper in preparation for tearing it in half, when I glanced down and saw something crawling across the studio floor. At first I thought it was a humongous … Continue reading “Messenger Bee”

Goddess Brigid New Year Message – Step into the New Earth with Grace

On New Year’s Eve, I was guided to finish a painting I’d started about a year ago based on a sketch of Archangel Haniel. As I did it became clear that it was no longer Haniel, but a beautiful goddess. A little research into the symbols showing up here pointed me to the Celtic goddess … Continue reading “Goddess Brigid New Year Message – Step into the New Earth with Grace”

Snake Spirit Animal: What is the Symbolic Meaning of Serpent?

Seems like a lot of people these days are transitioning, purging, and/or going through some kind of awakening process. So it’s no wonder the Snake spirit animal has been coming up big time, not just for me personally, but for the collective what’s-happening-on-the-planet-right-now as well.   A lot of people don’t like snakes. They can … Continue reading “Snake Spirit Animal: What is the Symbolic Meaning of Serpent?”

Workshops and Events

Be the Change​ Soul Purpose Empowerment Workshop A one-day live workshop to get total clarity on your purpose, vision, and mission, so you can make the difference you want to make in the world in 2019. If you are starting a business, planning a career, or seeking greater meaning in life, this essential foundational work … Continue reading “Workshops and Events”