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8 thoughts on “What does Ferret mean as a Spirit Animal?”

  1. Thanks, that was so enlightening! I’ve recently purchase an amethyst to help me in my divination work (tarot reading and third eye opening) and lately when I close my eyes and bring my amethyst to my third eye I see a ferret chasing around the mossy forest ground… I’m still trying to figure out what this could mean in my life and your post was very helpfull! To be continued…

  2. This is great and it’s all too apparent now why I fart all the time – ha ha
    True but seriously I loved reading this and can honestly say it’s ? one of or my main sprint animal – I was drawn at a young age to finding and learning about ferrets – obsessed with their overall look and feeling the need to be near them and a feeling to save them. The fit is too perfect for me and undeniable. I’m s falconer too and the movie Beastmaster certainly was the impetus of my falconry and ferret desires – never have gotten a ferret but I truly adore and behave much like them – great post thanks for sharing and thanks to my magical soul guide dragonfly for sending me here

  3. Hi! Lately I’ve been trying to learn a bit more about my spirit guide and asking for signs on how to proceed in my life. I looked at my phone yesterday and saw 11:11 and then went to sleep and dreamt about a man telling me he saved a rabbit and in the box was a ferret! I proceeded to tell him it was a ferret but he didn’t believe me, I picked it up and gave it a cuddle and then walked away. I’m from NZ and we don’t even have ferrets here or anything even remotely similar and I’ve never seen a ferret in my life! It kinda clicked to me that it must be a spirit animal visiting me in my dreams and then tonight again I picked up my phone to check it and it was 11:11.

    Thanks for this insight! Really helpful.

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